A healthy relationship


a Healthy relationship is like? This relationship, which consist of 2 piece of a healthy personality, and, therefore , they are:

1⃣ Respect their boundaries and partner.

Not checking your phone, do not control a life partner, not trying to insult or harm to another person.

2⃣ Respect the opinion and values of the other partner.

Your views on one and the same thing can be different and you do not try to convince your partner otherwise. And, perhaps, you want to expand your horizons when it comes, for example, about the book or other work of art. In any case, you will not violate the value system or own, or another person.

3⃣Manipulation is useless

Such people, above all, honest with themselves and know what they want from life. If they don't like something — they will let you know. Directly, openly, clearly. No tantrums, manipulations, games, guessing, and other sophisticated methods.

4⃣ whole person value their time and respect others.

Really appreciate a collaborative, well-conducted, time. If you are not, they won't be offended and will go on to do their business by scheduling in advance the next opportunity.

5⃣ In such relationships, people are able to negotiate. I want it that way, and you want it that way. I agree, but here — no. Here is a very important sub-item will be knowledge of its rules, desires, goals, boundaries.

6⃣ Relationship is always a choice. To stay or go, to forgive or to let go. If the other person wants freedom, you can easily let him go, because you respect his choice and I respect myself. In such relationships the person making the choice in its favor, as it will be better , not trying to be convenient for all. Therefore, it's always up to you what to do next.

How to build these healthy relationships? In the first place, and cultivate their integrity. You, the individual person, with their life perceptions of success, happiness and love. And you have the right to live the way you want. Neither parents, nor husband, nor friend, nor colleague. It is you — what do you want? What is your dream? What do you do? This is the next derived item. Learning to care and respect themselves, learn to be the same thing to the partner. Build relationships as a Foundation for a house strong and reliable. Build together , helping and reinforcing each other.

Ovcharenko Tatiana
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