On the book Furtsev I. S. "Psychological interpretation of dreams: theory and practice" - Irkutsk, 2012 (p.)

Each age confronts the person their goals and objectives, their own special issues and problems. Childhood, adolescence, entry into adulthood, old age... they All carry with him for the person a new social role, status, rights and obligations, constraints and opportunities. From that, how successfully and consistently pass these life milestones, depend directly on understanding and harmony with the world, well-being, a feeling of satisfaction and happiness of life.

Not surprisingly, for any age period is characterized by its own, well-defined, different from the previous and subsequent scenes of dreams. If such stories are found in humans belonging to different age group that commonly it may indicate either slow or, on the contrary, accelerated the process of development, maturation of the personality, or the unconscious seeks to demonstrate the similarity of this period of life preceding, indicated by the dream.

Between age and dream are closely linked, which must be taken into account by anyone wishing to understand the meaning of the dream, no matter someone else's, or your own. And even more age stages have motifs characteristic of dreams. For professionals, the age of the dreamer can supply and their specific conditions in the interpretation of dreams, in the choice of approaches and working methods. Age-related peculiarities of dreams, and, at the same time, and what you should pay attention to a specialist, we will try now to find out.


for a Long time for a small child the most important people are my mom and dad. The child is subtly aware of feelings, feel the atmosphere of family ties and accents of the relationship. Quite naturally, in the dreams of children reflects the adult system to inculcate the values of the true picture of family life, hidden thoughts about parents and their attitude to the child, and between them. Not less frequent during childhood, the explanation of dreams about friendship.

it is also important to note the following. In the period of formation, when parents begin actively by not only incentives, but penalties, to teach and educate the child, accustoming him to reality, justified and understandable reaction becomes psychological defense. After all, to do what is necessary and what is required from you, instead of what you want and what feels right, it is, in fact, a departure from himself, from natural beginning. In defiance of parents, and in open opposition to the new state of things to the child to go not. Moreover, in the view of the child, the parents grow apart, move away from it, and that he, again, does not want to.

the Need to defend themselves from this onslaught of reality, however, and from the emerging new "I", "I'm real", continues day and night. In the end, the dream children, on average, four to six years, this dramatic and disturbing situation takes on a symbolic form of nightmares about all kinds of monsters, sharks, octopuses emerge directly from the walls, the dogs, breaks apart, and so on. Sometimes these dreams can be continued for six months, or occur from time to time.

In any case, the psychologist recommended to send the child for an EEG, to exclude pathological processes in the brain, but also learn about family problems.

whatever it was, the warmth, the love and trust of parents probably will be the only truly necessary medicine to a child.

Adolescent and youth age

Adolescence is a time of prosperity, storms and rebellious aspirations, and the search for truth and meaning. Dreams sometimes dynamic, even hyperactive, filled with scenes changes, including the characters through all sorts of disasters, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and tsunamis.

Because at that time people active and not idle begins to ask questions of career choice and about my future in General, the dream actively displays the thoughts of the dreamer, as well as his desires and inner perception continued existence. Often dreams during this period, dotted with guidelines and compensation typical for young people of extremes.

gets the dream sight of the fact that young men and women discover interest in the opposite sex – usually at the same time, for the first time, albeit hesitantly, truly asserts itself in dreams anima/animus.

Frequent penetration into the dreams of the archetypal stories of the Hero and the Villain, the Savior, supernatural helpers, and more.


an Adult man has the whole range of variations of dreams. However, in the period of maturity is there a special milestone that marks the transformation in the mental world of the individual and the surrounding reality. It's a mid – life crisis. This psychological phenomenon experienced by a man on the borders of forty to forty-five years, is to critically evaluate and re-evaluate everything that has been achieved by this time. In dreams persistently appear the archetypal images as mandalas, circles, cities, travel in other countries, etc. Self through dreams all purpose reminds the man of individuation, the need of self-actualization, insists on change, transformation in life and worldview of the dreamer, as well as on the revision of the past. The most important task of the midlife crisis is a transition from extensive to intensive positions, from the realization of their egoistic needs to the desire to do more for others, for society. The successful overcoming of the crisis must be followed by the same creativity, enhanced productivity, and wisdom. And that is what is required to help the psychologist when working with a client in this age, and dreams find the appropriate motives.

old Age

In old age, frequent dreams returns to memories of childhood and adolescence. Increasingly, man sees himself surrounded by family and loved ones, those who are no longer alive. In General, increasing the number of any of the images of the dream, somehow symbolically linked to the motif of death, which, of course, intersects with the same thoughts in mind. It is characteristic that the less people in old age consciously think about death, the more it produces unconsciousness in dreams. The impression, as if all in the mind, the holistic the base, named Jung, the Self, directs us to thinking about the eternal, about the other and about the inevitable transition over the invisible line.

Through such dreams as conscious thoughts in the day time, the individual faces the task of rethinking the past and humility, the adoption is irreversible.

If a person finds the strength and courage, then it creeps fears, and followed them into the dream comes a horror and nightmare.

From a psychologist it requires patience, and desire to convey to the person the meaning of life lived, perhaps, and the discovery of new meanings. And support.

Observations show that the more harmonious are relations of the elderly with their surroundings, the better they sleep. In contrast, those elderly who suffer from loneliness in the daytime, can't sleep properly. When working with older people is significant not to go through the problem of loneliness and depression, which often exist behind the mask of senile worklist, nravouchitel, tearfulness, anger, detachment or reticence.

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