Sexuality is internal and external. External is how you look your behavior that attracts attention. This is what I would call not so much sex, how much sex appeal.

This is clothes, makeup, learned gestures, postures. The image of the modern sexual (=sexy) woman is introduced to the beauty industry. And then the woman wants to buy everything she will help the image to create. And the more you want to be like the image, the more you will have to invest this money.

what is internal sexuality?

Sexuality includes the word sex. So naturally, the first Association is that sexuality is related to sex. And sex can only adult of people.

And who is adult man? Is someone who physically and mentally is for adults. Who yearns to live, to occur, to BE!

Internal sexuality is the very thirst for life in all its manifestations. And sex is only a part of the passion that people said in this life.

Yes, exactly. Sexual energy is a passion. There's a lot of vitality, action, confidence, joy, desire, confidence, abundance, etc.

But what happens in our lives in fact?

the Body of an adult, you've grown. But your sexuality remains not developed. Because sexuality grows and develops along with your body to normal. But healthy rules in your development was not.

China and Japan had a tradition. When the girl reached the age of three, her bandaged feet, tightly clutching fingers, causing gradually stop growth of the feet. Ideally, their size was not to exceed 7-8 cm, formed a sort of "foot-Lotus", the tight bandaging a child's deformed foot, she was bent inward, curving unnaturally in the rise. And it was considered the criterion of elegance, taste and sexuality.

In our time, human development has similarly bandaged. the Child was not allowed to develop as nature intended. Our soul bandaged with restrictions that can be as right and as wrong, their body to consider and it is impossible to touch, to weep, to be angry – especially the offense – only bad girls do! Eager to show off in front of a mirror whore! Want to be beautiful – do not think about. You have to be smart! To not laugh. Boys can not watch. You can be obedient, controlled, quiet, invisible, not to disturb the mother, not to upset daddy.

For some, it was very clearly in childhood. For someone not. Someone still considers his childhood as happy and serene and can not understand what to live so hard?

difficult because all bandaged. The body has grown, but your soul... your mind... Bandaged and lost in this huge body.

it turns out that your inner sexuality is like a medieval dwarf who grew in a barrel. Or Lotus foot, which is not allowed to grow in nature.

we have?

a Beautiful body attracts the adult male. He responds to the call... And joy in the result, neither you nor him. And like a grown woman ready for adulthood, but the most important component – is not enough. Mutilated inside. Hurts. Does not match!

  • Orgasms, but there are a simulation.
  • there is no Happiness, but there is a visibility that was the envy of all.
  • heart hurts, but to not show.
  • Can be to blame.
  • Can be ashamed of himself.
  • you Can hide from yourself, from the world, from life.
  • You feel ugly.
  • And to your inner sexuality was revealed, filled the body began to emerge out speaking about themselves, it is necessary to untie the bandages, you should help her to deal, to grow, to be freed.

    And here is useless to argue about who is to blame: family, culture, history...

    Freedom and life is in the hands of those who are accusing not says, but takes happiness into his own hands.


    the Healing of your soul and your sexuality. Through therapy, through familiarity with them through the mourning itself, not spreading its wings in time, through self-permission to grow those wings now. Connect. Filled. To fly.

    You can! About this in detail in a free webinar "sexuality as a path to women's happiness"

    With love, Ludmila Circular

    Circular Lyudmila
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