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as I specializies in his work on psychosomatics, I would like to cover this topic.
Psychosomatics - body reactions to internal conflict.
Conflict can be several, or one level of "bodies" (emotional, spiritual, mind, etc) of a person, to not dwell in detail - the subject is very extensive.
But today I want to talk about a very sensitive topic, as the benefits of diseases. Yes, Yes it is benefits. Why scrupulous, because human suffering is very difficult to admit that he "decided" to get sick, because he suffers so. And indeed it is. After all, he decided it unconsciously. So I decided to find a way out of his psyche.
All these benefits are formed in childhood and reinforced by parental response to the illness. In "good" working patterns, they continue to be used by the person throughout life, despite the obvious harm to the soma (the body). So what are the benefits gets sick?
1. Attracts attention.
most Often it happens in childhood, when my mom for example, goes from the decree to work, send their children to kindergarten, it starts to hurt. And a mother reunited with the child for the period of the disease. It turns out that the mother was next, you need to be sick. This mechanism is fixed in the subconscious and in adult life, if the person lacks the close attention, he gets sick, waiting in this period of heightened attention and care to yourself. Common option - an endless stream of diseases at retirement. This theme is very extensive. But we will not stop.
2. The avoidance of unpleasant duties.
It's like exemption from physical education after the SARS at the school. 😁 In adult life this can manifest as a disease for example in a situation when you need to make the tough important decision that carries certain consequences. This creates stress and the person becomes ill and the decision is put on hold until recovery. In fact, it comes to very serious changes in the body - for example, my client began to fall into a swoon at work when the bosses were sent to important objects.
3. Avoidance of unpleasant tasks.
Here, I think, is clear. For example, a person falls ill when you need to make repairs in the apartment or to go to the country to dig potatoes.

4. Disease as a way of existence. Man lives from diagnosis to diagnosis, always goes to the doctors, blood tests, seeking information about the disease, discussing health with all relatives and friends and strangers in the queue. All his thoughts are only about the diseases. And life is centered only on this, all the energy, money and time is spent only on the disease.

5. For a sense of self-worth. It is on such occasions when one has reached certain heights in life, never had a career, did not win a medal, but he has the illness. It is in itself significant. After all, if not a disease, this person without question would all this of course reached. 🙌 as an example, a man 45 years old, prelievi on the couch every night, because he has a bad back, which from that lying only gets harder.

6 Benefit - sickness as a way of relaxing.
it is all clear. Tired of commuting, tired, everything was annoying - all of a sudden picked up SARS or the common cold, bronchitis or even a concussion. Or broke his hand. Like an accident, like the person depends nothing but ill, just having to lie in bed, not in a hurry and drink delicious tea. This method is often typical of those who just can't afford to relax, trudogolick and the only way to interrupt your work - "good" cause is a disease.
7. Disease as a way of manipulation. Way to monitor a loved one and to bend to their will. Elderly parents are often so controlling of their adult children, who do not want to let go. The symptoms can be absolutely real - elevated blood pressure, headache, quickens the pulse, etc Close person to sacrifice personal boundaries and do all that is necessary, otherwise ill be very bad.
8. Disease - masking fear. For example, a young man is afraid to go for an interview, but it important for him and to refuse him, he can't. And on the appointed day he gets sick, thus "legally" avoid a situation in which he will experience anxiety and fear. This also applies to sickness during the session, an important report at work, etc
9. Disease as a result of incorrect ordering.
for Example (real case) the woman organizing the wedding of his son says "that's marry him to a psychiatric hospital, will travel", verbalize thus his concern for the organization of the celebration. And the subconscious mind takes it as a specific task. It takes several months and a woman start getting unexplained panic attacks, tremors, insomnia and other symptoms of neurosis. Or for example, a man earning 50 thousand rubles a month suddenly set himself the goal is to get 500 thousand per month, while giving a inadequate time for implementation. And after some time received a serious cancer diagnosis that requires collection of funds equal to the amount of his target (500 thousand) . It is important to consider his wording in time and space to give an adequate timeline for the implementation of the plan.

Ranina Anastasia
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