Care of this sacred feminine destiny. Taking care of your family, we accomplished before the great female mystery, which fills us with energy and leads forward.
Control is based on the fear of missing out, of losing, fear of being rejected, not to be the best.

All relationships are built on fear, have no prospects, they are flawed, they are slowly dying. Fear kills love and tenderness. Control burns all. br>
How to understand you care or control:

1. What do you feel when your man is not answering his phone? What thoughts first come to mind?

2. Do you tell him "I told you, can you hear me...?!!"

3. Is it important to you to know that your man is doing right now? br>
4. What thoughts do you most often ironed shirt for her beloved? While cooking food?
If you didn't notice, that note:)

the Answers to this simple questions will help you to understand what you are doing. Write the answers on the worksheet and look at them. If there are answers related to anger, rage, negative thoughts, now your relationship is based on fear. br>
Remember that you can change any thoughts and any direction, when there is love and desire.

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