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Hello dear friends. Today really want more to share with you their thoughts about the benefits of running, and secondly, its small) record. Actually running, it is valid very powerful psycho-physical exercises, which happens alternating relaxation and tension of various muscles in the upper and lower limbs and a bunch of other useful processes

So for me, running is a powerful complex of natural exercises for whole body. After it's cool to do yoga or stretch all the muscles. To run you need to start gradually, first placing a little distance, and then increasing. Another important point is the Shoe because I have flat feet, once put on some stupid shoes, legs and then was sick for a week). So I had to buy myself a special someone who's interested throw off a reference on the model.

Recently I read one magazine French foreign researchers who have done long-term study of a large sample, the essence of which showed that regular Jogging helps a lot and increases life expectancy an average of 8 - 10 years. and they are scientific by using large you a large sample made the study.

I am a in the article asking when is better to run in the morning or evening, let's say someone convenient in the morning before work to someone in the evening after work, I do not see any contraindications, but what is really important is to refrain from some hearty food before a run, drinking a glass or whether any tasty juice or water.

So that's about my achievement that I wanted to share)). Today I really enjoyed, due to the fact that he has put his own record is 10 km, which I ran today for an hour let the relocation he let a little speed but I didn't stop. Usually for me it is 5-6 km was a tower and I didn't want to, but today something broke) and the most important thing when you jog, so cheer up (probably still develop the hormones) I just want to sing, and most importantly, I feel that cool removable inner emotional tension that has accumulated during the day to sedentary work with negative emotions and problems)). All good mood, be happy and healthy))

to All my dear readers, thank you for taking the time and please do not go without a gift), my free pdf book "Seventeen exercises to improve relations" it outlines the most effective exercises for improving relations in the family and couple you can use every day with your loved ones and loved ones

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