Concern. Seemed like a nice word, gentle, is causing a sense of calm, comfort, a sense of gratitude. Or may encounter completely different range of emotions: irritation, anger, fatigue, impotence. br>

"Care — a set of actions in relation to any object, focused on its well-being. Care can be like an animal to its offspring, so man to any creature or object, such as cars." (Wikipedia.)

it is Important to note what reaction does this word, what associations, images, memories revived the whole complex of feelings. Sometimes the inability to digest care may be associated with the fact that under the care of hidden sacrifice, violence, manipulation. br>
how to start a care? For me with the desire to do something good for another. I have a desire to take care of, and I do. Can I ask another whether my action is appropriate and pleasant, or you can focus on your inner balance and a common history of relations, the knowledge of the other. br>
for Example, I know that my friend likes the dim lights and green olives, and waiting for her to visit, I want to take care of her comfort and pleasure, she was pleased to make, buying olives and turn on the lamp. And I do it, if I do it nice and easy. She can come in any mood and do not want olives and ask them to turn on the light under the pretext aching head. Yes, another can take over my care, and may not make, and it's about his desire, capabilities, and limitations. His responses can make me happy, or I can be sad, if I see that another of my concern is not needed, or was not on time, or do not need. br>
And if I, by taking thought, realized their need for care, based on an internal sense of balance, and sad for me to survive easier, because the desire to prove the attention and care I realized. br>
But if the olives are sold at the other end of the city, and the trip there will take the precious time that I could invest in important to me, that making this trip, it is a sacrifice in the name of anything, my internal scales have swung, and now implicitly from a friend I expect more (and she does not know). br>
At the meeting I can start to get irritated at her friend that she is "something beautiful does not eat green olives, which I (for her) drove...". Friend begins song of praise to the olives and the whole evening eating them, here my concern is not a concern, and violence. And if a friend, in principle, tend to feel guilty on every occasion, it's likely she wants to make amends for the situation, and enjoy eating olives, she offers me to wash all the dishes. br>
Variations on this theme can be many, with varying degrees of curvature. The feeling of meeting both unlikely to remain pleasant, and speeches about the joys of fellowship and care here, unfortunately, is not. br>
it is Important to say that the remark themselves, their feelings, desires and unwillingness, possibilities and limitations, the ability to choose yourself and go for a gaining clarity in relationships, saves time, and even then nerves and money. Sometimes this need to learn, and Yes, this is happening faster in the treatment.

Lesnitskaya Olga
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