"love, longing competes with joy," said Publius.

none of the human senses, perhaps, was not awarded such a large interest from artists, writers, poets, scientists and philosophers, as love. Why is love so important in human life? Maybe because love is the cause of his life, the reason for his desire?

having Met your "soul mate", looking at her and seeing his reflection, we risk the temptation of a beautiful myth. But, trying to "merge" with another person, we repeatedly stepping on the same rake, realize that it's not-who-can. We suffer from suspicion, uncertainty, perceived and actual insults, blame favorite for their apathy and indifference, demand attention, I hope for reciprocity... and then conclude that it is not suited to each other that each other are not created and that the best solution is to leave.

But before you do the last step, you need to stop and think. It is possible to compose a tale about a beautiful love and ideal relationship and force themselves to believe in it. But, unfortunately, we are not fabulous heroes, but because the prose of life constantly breaks into our love poem. And sometimes it takes half a lifetime to make by trial and error, and through constant change love partners to understand the simple truth: we are responsible for what is happening to us, but relationships require effort.

an Interesting and useful exercise - introduction to biographies of famous people - not only those who are no longer with us, but also our contemporaries. Upon closer inspection, a beautiful love story brought before us with all their "ugly" sides. And we learn once again that "gods" and mere mortals, too, suffer, cry, worry... the only Question is how they feel about it, what are the lessons from this extract and the efforts to preserve their relationships. Because something keeps them together? Perhaps this is love? The one - earth.

love to the grave - in an essay the"History of falls" (the experience of the psychoanalytic study of love heroine of Tolstoy's novel "Anna Karenina")

Gareeva Anastasia
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