a Couple of years ago I had the opportunity to skate at the stadium. The rink was outdoors, and every day it is cleaned by the caretaker. And now, watching my skating, he said, and You try to skate the other way. I was surprised why is that? "And in order every day to do something unusual. For example, to change the road on the way home and go a roundabout way. Or do something opposite. It's brain training".

Previously, on a hunch, I changed the way some familiar things, but I didn't know that there is a whole science on this topic. Therefore, for the Council, I listened and decided to start right at the rink. It turned out that on skates I have long traveled "on the machine". And when I went in the other direction, I had to activate the account. Everything seemed somehow different. And there was snow all around and the terrain. I began to feel that what they are doing. That is, I began to feel the here and now.

a few years Later I was offered courses eidetics, and what was my surprise when I realized that the watchman told me about one of the exercises to synchronize the hemispheres of the brain.

what need such training:

  • In recent years, the pace of life has increased by 8 times in comparison with 80-mi years. And that means to think and work and live we have.
  • In everyday life, it is important to be able to quickly switch from one activity to another.
  • Become relevant both sexes. Effective is the employee who combines analytical thinking and creative thinking (creativity).
  • schools began to ask more tasks, and the number of languages increased by two.
  • enterprises among employees high competition, so to have "special" skills is not only prestigious, but also useful for career and salary level.
  • After the class one area through training, you can quickly switch and allow yourself to rest. Without additional doping.
  • What is the difference in operation of the left and right hemisphere in most people?

    the Left hemisphere of the brain controls speech, ability to read and write, memorize facts, names, dates, and spelling, and also controls the language speech. The left hemisphere is responsible for analysis and logic. Numbers and mathematical symbols are also recognized by the left hemisphere. The left hemisphere sees only the literal meaning of the words without a portable value. This explains the fact that there are people who have absolutely no sense of humor.

    the Profession that are typical to people with more developed left hemisphere is the representatives of the exact Sciences. Those for whom work involves numbers, calculations, analysis or solution of logical problems.

    the Right hemisphere of the brain is responsible for intuition and it is not considered dominant. The right hemisphere thinks in numbers and not letters, and symbols and images. Therefore, people who have developed well the right hemisphere can better memorize the area to create puzzles and to navigate in space in General. Also, they are characterized by thinking with the help of sounds and sensations.

    unlike the left hemisphere, the right understands the work of another imagination, which gives the metaphorical meaning of words. The right hemisphere is responsible for the ability to fine art. And this is why creative people can write poetry, music, writing stories.

    Now you understand how important it is to the left and right hemisphere balance. For this purpose, and was developed asynchronous gymnastics.

    my school memories:

    Remember how a teacher wanted me to relearn to write with his right hand. To be a Lefty in the distant 80s was not well. It is condemned by society. And it was forbidden at the government level. Laugh at me classmates and adults whispered, looking as I turn the hand. Then I realized that such violence could not be useful. It was the only reason I ran the RAM (in accordance with their sign of the zodiac) and defended his writings with his left hand. I knew it would be my advantage. Thanks to my dad (he owns two hands), which often said, "you're special, you have developed right hemisphere of the brain. Since you live in a society with a dominant right hand, you have developed well and the left hemisphere". When they laughed at me friends, I recounted the words of the Pope, trying to defend himself, and then me began to laugh even more. It was hard to be special or "other".

    I Now understand that what I had to do with my childhood, now called "asynchronous gymnastics"

  • Eat had two hands. Left at home because comfortable. And the right in society, because it should be.
  • a Guitar, a computer mouse and a pool cue was learned as a righty, because the teachers otherwise could not. But if necessary, can the cue to hit and left hands. So there is more probability of winning.
  • the Handle and brush held like a Lefty. Because so convenient. And in order to not be teased at school, had to learn to write with his right hand.
  • so, due to the inconvenience to live left-handed I find myself every day to overcome the inconvenience and did gymnastics.

    These exercises You will be able to do it when you want. At work or on vacation. They are especially effective before making any decision or in order to see the situation from the other side.

    And yet, when I am in the company of small children, they with the great pleasure repeat after me exercise and immediately forget about computer games and mobile phones.

  • New location
  • Go to a new place. This may be a cinema in the new district of the city. Or a new shopping center. Pay attention to interior details, smells, shapes, or sounds.

  • "touch"
  • Try to walk through his apartment with my eyes closed, trying to remember all the items along the way. This will allow You to produce all the images.

  • Day of the left hand.
  • Do the whole day with no working hands. Slice the bread, open the door with the left hand (for right-handers), pay in the store with the other hand etc. let's See how hard it is to do something focusing on this.

  • the road home
  • most Often, You go home on the same road. Try to change something in its route. Go a couple of stops earlier and walk on foot. Note that surrounds. You may be surprised to find many new and interesting. And most importantly, distracted from the usual thoughts: what to do tomorrow, what to cook, etc.

  • "Mirror drawing".
  • Put on the table a blank sheet of paper, grab a pencil. Draw with both hands simultaneously mirror-symmetrical drawings, letters. When performing this exercise, you will feel relaxed eyes and hands, because by the simultaneous operation of both hemispheres improves the efficiency of the entire brain.

  • "Cicero Method"
  • This method can be used for memorizing lists. For example, You go to the store. List do not want to take. Eyes closed imagine a road from the bedroom to the kitchen. From the bedroom to arrange the items (which need to buy). On the kitchen window You place the last item from the list. In five minutes it is advisable to renew the list in the form of images. In the same way, you can memorize the report outline below to jump to topic to topic.

  • Alphabet
  • This program can be found on the Internet. Its meaning is that on the screen in front of You there are two letters with an interval of a few seconds. The top of the letter need to say, and the bottom indicates what hand to raise.

    for the first time may experience slight headache or dizziness. Therefore, to be comfortable, you can do it daily, increasing the load up to the maximum recommended. My friend makes such exercises before making a decision or meet partners. Answers come faster and better you start to feel the people and the situation.

    Ways to learn to quickly switch from the left to the right hemisphere of the brain (and Vice versa) quite a lot. It is important to understand what it is You need. This is the same charge as the physical. If you stop to do it, the muscle will return to its original relaxed state. Although this exercise is similar to riding a bike. Once as a child to learn to ride, and even ten years later, after several unsuccessful attempts, the body will remember everything you need.

    And You have already decided to do unusual exercises in the morning?

    sincerely, Elena Shevchenko

    Elena Leonidovna
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