the hypnotic-based contraception are the same mechanisms involved in psychogenic (psychological) infertility. The only difference is that in hypnosis these processes include random and they are manageable, and psychogenic infertility - they are involuntary, spontaneous.

Female infertility differs from the hypnotic contraception only by the fact that in the first case, the female body itself lays the joy of motherhood (for good reasons), and in the second it is done Kate-something else (usually. meeting). 

This article isn't about the fact that women today have chosen hypnosis instead of the usual contraceptives. This is about our female physiology, about the mysteries of our body and about how a woman's body responds to various influences and switches from the "reproduction" mode "pause in reproduction" and this takes place without drugs, operations or other contraceptives.

Nature has implanted within us the ability to change its functioning and control of reproductive ability (and many other functions too).

Contraception may be not only pharmacological, surgical, but also hypnotic, i.e. psychological.

I will say more about the psychological contraception: it can be performed not only meeting, as many think, and anyone of your environment: and it can be done accidentally. For example, the man dropped some phrase in your address and it switched something in the brain. This is, unfortunately, not uncommon. We have a separate natural craftsmen, able to blithely throw words. The good news is that it quickly can be restored.

I want to shed some light on the capacity of our brains, which can much more than we know about it.

Hypnosis is an ancient method of treatment in which a special state of mind and increased receptivity of the patient to suggestion increased. Hypnosis characterized as reasoned method of neural functioning that allows the most people to one degree or another.

  • change the functioning of your body
  • personal interests
  • own behavior
  • horizons.

Hypnosis and self hypnosis are widely used in the field of reproductive health. Clinical studies have shown that hypnotic suggestion promotes changes in the physiology of the human body, especially in relation to the autonomic nervous system and homeostasis.

With the suggestions, changing the physical state, you can achieve the following objectives in gynecology and obstetrics:

  • to regulate the menstrual cycle,
  • to stimulate lactation in nursing mothers
  • relieve pain
  • change the blood flow after the operation,
  • hypnotically to induce abortion
  • increase breast
  • to accelerate the scarring of tissue,
  • increase fertility,
  • to change the breech presentation of fetus
  • to increase the effectiveness of IVF in 2 times
  • to reduce the risk of premature birth and water shortage,
  • provide a hypnotic contraception, etc.

it is Assumed, that continuous system of neural connections of the brain can inform a separate cage on the necessity of adaptation in order to survive.&In General, if pregnancy is a danger for a number of reasons, the body turns off this ability. And then there is psychogenic infertility when the woman is healthy, but pregnancy does not occur. Because a woman's ability to conceive and carry a child is an indicator of the quality of her life (financial, household, emotional, relationship with partner, etc.).  

Hypnotic contraception uses existing neural system women associated with survival. as a result the woman can make himself sterile in order to avoid fertilization of the egg, when the unconscious sees the meaning.

Psychosomatic sterility, infertility and hypnotic contraception is the possibility of applying the harmless processes to achieve contraception or even induce spontaneous abortion hypnosis.

Hypnosis is used to suppress ovulation or to prevent contact between egg and sperm.

This can be achieved in the following psychogenic ways:

  • inhibiting ovulation
  • spazmiruet muscles to the sperm reached the vagina
  • changing the pH of the vagina by adjusting the quality of cervical mucus, preventing the passage of sperm through the cervix.

it is Known that spasms of the cervix or the fallopian tubes are induced psychogenic factors. Hypnotic contraception can be obtained using self-hypnosis, causing such cramping that would prevent contact between sperm and egg, thereby preventing fertilization and pregnancy.

So hypnotic contraception shows us the mechanisms of psychogenic infertility, which can be replicated for research purposes. This same mechanism allows you to use hypnosis to return the woman to her ability to be a mother, to conceive, carry and give birth to a child.

currently, this hypnotic approach to the reproductive capabilities of women being used only in clinical trials, but is widely used hypnosis in order to return the woman ability to get pregnant and give birth when it is connected with psychological reasons.

If you encounter such topic, remain calm and remember, today this problem is easily solvable. Hypnosis can give you the joy of motherhood.


I'd be happy to help

Be zdorovy!



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