Sure, everyone has heard such a thing as "women's money", but how to apply it in my life don't know. I would even say that it is not possible for very many.

Why? Let's get this straight. Primarily because as being a woman, we don't know. Not because they are few, and because of all the suppressed women of NN-th number of years.

as far As dominant and destructive was the story of post-Soviet countries, so erase the feminine energy. It was quite convenient from the point of view of labor, however, they shoot horses usually target. Let's call a spade a spade: was use of the women without respect and decent fees.

a Number of women now doing the work which usually handle 3 to 5 people. The transition to the male rails of life associated with survival. If a woman will allow themselves to women's feelings, she will become uncomfortable, and the history of her family tells her that she simply will not survive.

the Result was the blocking of sexuality. In his youth, when hormones and blood boiling, it seems that everything is in order. But today, even young women lack desire and pain are not uncommon. After the first childbirth, many of off, switching to motherhood.

Sexuality is not a bright lipstick on and not a mini skirt.

This sensual powerful energy transmitted by the second chakra, swadhisthana or sacral chakra.This creativity and ideas, is the pleasure of life.

Chakras are themselves receivers and inverter power.

Sacral chakra is responsible for desire in General. Can I in principle want? It is no secret why the question: "What do you want in life?" are monosyllabic answers are usually already known and modulirovannye someone. Here is hidden the inner child, which is impossible and which should...

Here is Freedom of Choice and will. Will still lives in the solar plexus, but if the sacral chakra has no desires for himself, will be broadcast and manifest just can't.

I work a lot with women and I see that analysis, the change of beliefs and thoughtforms in my head - the beginning of the path in this area. a Woman can learn the way of life and build habits, but it looks unnatural, mannered and cold. For one reason only: energy.

She couldn't feel, and therefore, the result cannot be taken. To Wake the internal oscillator is probably the most correct way out. Remove the blocks and trauma well, yeah a little. you Need to tighten energy. To let it flow. Then the conversation about money at the time and Herculean effort to make is not worth it.

There is a wonderful energy practice, they do not take much time, but allow us to show energy potential. I will say more, many women these keys in sets just yet. And while they are built, it is impossible to see and realize mind. If there is no hearing, how to hear the beauty of the melody? But you can integrate and pass, it works fine.

Good body-oriented therapy, the response of the body instant. The truth is, not every woman can just take and to give time to your body. Pat hands to greet yourself in the morning mirror, to enable you to feel pleasant heat.

Many openly cry from the simple stroking, so much tension in the body accumulated over the years. Just be. Just feel it has become an unaffordable luxury. But that time is gone. The money is only on women, peace all the forces helps in this.

Yes, it's scary. Allow everything to be. Lack of control and fear of tomorrow, to cling to the teeth for the usual, choose yourself. First, at the level of the mind, then the heart and body. To Be Any. To Be Different. To Be Alive. Be Happy.

Irina Mitrakhovich. Coach. Psychologist. Certified practitioner of spiritual integrazioni. The author of the project: "Mediation of the soul and mind."

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