Female sexual dominance


 Female sexual dominance (femdom - female domination, femdom — female domination) very popular genre of pornography and a fairly common sexual practice, really fantasize about her more often than practiced in reality.

 I am describing a practice that is associated with sex, not touching on the theme of female domination in General, in other areas of life such as "indentured servitude", financial domination, attitude "lifestyle", etc.

 Among the lovers of the incidents are much more men than women, which creates some imbalance, constraint in the implementation of such games. Related to this is the abundance of such pornography, to meet with her himself and offers services from prostitutes. However, men still trying to find a woman genuinely enjoying these types of practices, as for many it is an important condition for obtaining their own pleasure from the process.

 These interactions do not necessarily include pain, can be submissive and domination, bondage, humiliation games without sadomasochism. But often present it, because physical pain exposure may cause psychological suffering which is a mixture of both pleasing and unpleasant experiences.

 you Can explore where there are similar preferences, for example, a domineering mother, or a strict nanny, rival sisters, or adult neighbour. But what they can give, will clarify the reasons for the preference? I'm guessing no, because it has already been formed and ingrained in the human psyche.

 In my opinion, much more interesting to explore why a man needs it, what excites him: the pain, the humiliation, the feeling of helplessness, subordination weaker than it partner, feeling a thing, fantasies about yourself as part of another? Every customer this can be their very individual explanations, images, fantasies. Researching them can somehow change the view of the situation and to find new ways of interaction.

 What would you like to learn, to discuss on the topic?

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