Female sexuality and relationship without commitment


today I Read another article of another author men about female sexuality. For women normal to be Dating multiple partners, even if it is at the same time. But to choose can faster and better)

That sex on the first or second date is okay, as healthy. And casual sex and no strings attached – is also nothing, again for health and emotional discharge. And generally healthy woman without complexes want any attractive man I met.

And if someone does not want to, it's having problems with her sexuality – she's just not in touch with their blocked needs.

And if before I just felt regret after these texts, it is now realized that angry. Apparently, the author had to work with real women who followed his advice. Months, and even years to collect yourself again after such a relationship.

Trying again to learn to love and believe men. To heal your heart and believe in their value as women.

What good is experience like that?

Why move to the world their patterns of behavior and relationships? To inspire complexes, using the trust of the readers and the absence in society of a culture of healthy relationships based on love, respect and friendship?

Yes, and whether such rules for the men?

And let's be honest, not all men act this way. family and moral values are important not only for women. But, unfortunately, immature and not able to take responsibility for the family and children of men quite a lot to create an environment in which developing femininity is difficult to find support and protection.

And so in a Patriarchal culture ruled many experiences of devaluation of women's parental family. And so the majority of women who come for consultations, have low self-esteem and the sea unlived feelings.

But someone else may believe the author and start experimenting. Under the guise of self-development to ruin their lives, to buy emotional trauma and health problems. Years later to cure diseases (including women), emerged as psychosomatic against the background of negative experiences.

And Yes, I know several women who fit the above theory. But they do not need any lectures and articles – and so they know your nature and live in accordance with it. And for many other such experiments end very sad.

the Majority of women is tied to their partner, even if it started as an adventure without obligation. And hard going through the subsequent gap. And if the advice from the Internet is still trying to fight fire with fire.

a Series of failed relationships leads to a great number of accumulated pain that the unconscious draws a conclusion – it is better to be alone than to experience it. And now a new problem – loneliness. Gone all men suitable there. The psyche builds a life so as to confirm existing beliefs and to be protected from further trauma.

a Psychologist can help to change the situation, but no one knows how many will need time. I know that is not terapeutiche, but just wanted to say – maybe standards aren't always a bad thing? If they help take care of yourself?

Ospanova Svetlana
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