Women's whims.

there are No mens who would not have encountered this phenomenon in the relationship. No matter, these friendly relationship or love – rare man that is able to withstand these "cute tricks" - pouting lips, his eyes on "the wet spot", deep sighs and "universal grief" for the chick. Real man focuses on action, it was raised, so when the woman starts to act up – most men react, but react so as you can understand what is happening. Often it is an attempt to fulfill ladies desire in order to stop this surge of emotion. Such men on one hundred and fifth Caprice can not stand, some kind of adjust, learn to "turn off"; others go to work in the garage, in off-line into aggression, and then they are gone forever, frustrated and tired. After this relationship, exhausting and devastating internally, to decide on new. You can help yourself by learning to understand the vagaries of nature, their essence, and then, exactly is the reason for parting whims, will cease to be.

the Most common causes of women's moods are the following (from innocent to deep):

- Your young lady therefore invites you to play! Remember that inside every adult is always living Inner Child? The game, the emotions, the enjoyment – are essential. Here it is "released" my little girl begins to whine and ask for a brownie! Just play along with her! Just relax and follow my lead. On the go, think of the rules of the game. Thus, not much man to manage the process, and this option he was already more familiar and clearer. Your girlfriend says she want to cry? Let it just stay close, don't try to understand, to look for reasons. Depending on the closeness of your relationship, the scenarios can be different: to embrace, to hold, to send a sad smiley face picture, pour a Cup of tea, showing that you empathize with her mood. In any case, taking a call "let's play" - your relationship will never be dull and grey, and it means that they have a bright future.

She doesn't have your attention! Frequently occurring capricious notes is reason to wonder whether there was a job or a hobby to fill your living space, leaving no time for people who are near, who are dear and important? This is the case when it is easier to prevent than to treat, i.e. the output is in the prevention! All you need to remember is the need for attention also comes from the Inner Child and like any child – it is important not the amount of time directed on it and the quality! Set aside for 15 minutes unfinished report, incomplete report, roll up the window on the screen – think about the true values. You always have the choice to bring the relationship to attention deficit, depleting, including myself (!) or "recharged" with energy and resource, who is ready to give you a close person.

- the Lady is naughty, in order to insist on? In this case, the whims is most similar to the manipulation, emotional blackmail. More likely - it is a rivalry, a power struggle in your relationship. Often, these "whims" can be observed in the beginning of the relationship, the woman, therefore, may unconsciously test the extent permissible and the inner power men. Here it is important from the start to thwart such attempts "to get on the throne." In the end, the lady will be grateful for the fact that men have enough strength and determination to cope with her, in fact she be waiting for this secret, hidden sometimes even from the most women desire to be conquered by man. These relationships are also excellent prospects for harmonious coexistence, as each is in his role, habitual and natural.

- the Whims of women are manifested in the form of accusations: "You are of little help/earn/come home"; constant demands: "I want ...!", "Let me ...!"; expectations to conform to her ideas: "You must ...!", "Man must..." In these cases, with high probability, we can say a woman "infected" by public stereotypes or woman projects onto a man the image of his father and demands-demands-requires... only that he never received in her childhood. Of course it's not on purpose, the source of this behavior in early parent-child relations, and to see, to realize what was happening, yourself is extremely difficult. Then, as they say: "Welcome to therapy".

As you can see, to cope with women's whims in most cases really any sensible man. And mind you, these methods are much more efficient and more environmentally friendly than to endure, to unquestioningly obey every "Boo", angry, destroyed and break off relations, which are largely satisfied.

Larisa Bessonova
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