Femininity is a choice


Femininity is a choice

(the First Chapter of my book "Find your style feminine")

Some women, to include femininity is enough to make the choice inside yourself. Agree with you that I choose to live as a woman, behave like a woman, because femininity is a set of all known female qualities, the main of which are: sensuality, tenderness, softness. And it's very simple: I show-quality - appears my femininity.

Femininity is primarily a set of qualities. Well-formed quality of many years of training as playing an instrument or learning a foreign language. The ability to love, to respect her man, the ability to show patience in a difficult situation – all being developed. The crumbs are collected in an unconscious kindness, tenderness, courage, compassion, fidelity, amplified and become our essence. If you are going to devote at least 15 minutes a day their femininity, then after 21 days this state will become a habit!

If it can be so simple, why women do not use?


- no idea how it can be useful in life than this femininity may be helpful;

- there is the belief that femininity banal, stereotyped and oblige "to serve" the man.

- no idea HOW to do it (not behaviours);

fears, trauma, complexes etc.

why do I feminine?

In fact, women who do not seek to reveal your femininity, not just imagine what a delicious candy! How can it be cool! How nice to feel those awesome energy in itself! How much use can be from female behavior. And you don't always need a long time to research and develop psychological resistance - why do not want to wear skirts, why do you like to be a "man"... Just wear a skirt and do your hair, turn on the sensuality and try to stay a few weeks. Don't like it you can always go back to the previous state.

Femininity banal, stereotyped and obligation to serve

Yes, indeed, girls and women are afraid to lose themselves in stereotypes. I very often see this phenomenon in the consultations. Somewhere deep in the unconscious (and sometimes conscious) belief that femininity is the only bright lipstick, heels and thingies, and to be feminine, you have to serve man (in the sense of to serve and be humiliated), it is necessary to seem silly. So much of this "must" and "must." It is impossible not to lose yourself!

In fact, femininity is a broader concept. You can always find your own style of femininity. Reveal your feminine individuality in dress and behavior.

a model of the behavior of women's ministries is not about humiliation. To serve means to be able to maintain, to give, to inspire, to follow her man. A woman can serve as a man, when filled with resources!

If you cause the word unpleasant feelings and thoughts - most likely, you are in masculine energy. In the female as this word does not cause resistance.

Where and how can you learn?

If Mama was an example of female behavior, and these models have been successfully played with the Pope, then the question of where and how to learn it will not occur. We learn patterns of behavior of parents, learn from their example and train their children in the family. If parents were not a good example to explore the role women have their own. You can read books about femininity, watch videos, find examples in books and movies, visit a women's training or to go to individual counseling to a psychologist.

Fears, traumas, complexes

If the relationships you've had a lot of frustration if being feminine to you is terrible, you most likely need to go to a psychologist or psychotherapist. Agree, it is important to first clear the field of weeds, then plant the flowers.

I Suggest you perform the exercise, which will show that you turn a feeling of femininity is just that. Enough to connect with in a certain way and pin this image using the drawing.

Prepare the colored pencils and 30 minutes of free time.

Technique "the Message from feminine women"

Objective: find your female online, connect with your feminine power

Remember, the woman you met in your life (or seen the movies), which, from your point of view, is a great success in men. Than she attracts you? What quality do you like about her?

it is quality


- Imagine that this woman sends you quality in the form of some image, a symbol. It also conveys an important message showing that you need to do to keep this quality in yourself.

And now, you can observe how this quality is transferred to you. As it "arrives" in your body. Now it will always be with you! It is important to remember it and to nurture, to strengthen.

Describe what message you got, what image was born. Try to portray him to anchor in pamati.



That you understand the important of exercise?

How can this knowledge you will bring to jizni?



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