"For everything in life, you have to pay." Knows the common phrase.
Maybe some people find it jarring in its cynicism.
And if you understand... So is it? Or not? Again, no claim to truth in the last instance).

my dear readers discussed the topic of balance "to give - to receive." Or "take - give". As anyone familiar.
I wrote about this article the Difference between give, take and receive and received many interesting comments and additions, and for that I thank everyone who responds.:)

But what is the balance like this is - we pay for what we give? In a broad sense.
Not necessarily talking about number of money.
Although the money, as you know, a sort of generalized equivalent measure of value, of value. Even on a symbolic level.

you Can pull up the law of conservation of energy.
Because in nature like that?
That water for tea is hot, it is necessary to kindle fire. To collect wood or to include a gas ring stove in the kitchen. Well or electric. That is, "to pay" for the opportunity to drink tea.

In any case we do actions to generate heat for hot water for tea.

And a lot of action. And body muscle including about to get up, to go, to refill, to supply well, etc..
And the collection of firewood or gas. Or build a power plant))
And much, much more.
Well, in General, of course, I think that just because - you - tea does not brew))
you Have to pay. Some attachments.

And you can no effort not to work - for anything.
do Not waste any muscular effort, no electricity, nothing. But then the cold water will remain.
And tea we will drink. Of cold the water.
Here it is, the law of conservation of energy: nothing is wasted - and got nothing.
How much energy to spend so much and receive. No more, no less.

Not money, of course, we now operate, but it is clear that we have to pay?
And what pay...

What we pay when we want to get something? No matter the material or not. Yes, even if self-esteem! After all, it is extremely valuable to us, right?

And it is necessary to understand that everything we do, we do, by and large, for themselves! br>
And are willing to pay for this effort, with the voltage varying quality, attention, time... Money.

But in the money "wired" and tension, and attention and effort and time... a Lot of things.

Sometimes we have to make sacrifices. But the victim, too, was sacrificed (not always, by the way, consciously) something. This is also a kind of payment. Is not always obvious. And sometimes manipulative...

and sometimes even beyond good and evil.
for Example, a husband beats his wife and she goes from him... For which she sacrifices her health? And a lot more? Is there something that holds it? Here we would to understand what? For she pays an incredible price...
And is it possible to pay with something else- that is not so traumatic - and to the very thing it desired...
of Course, it would be nice to start to understand what it is - desired?!

Yes, of course, often we are not aware of what pay. And what we pay at all.
to Understand may not realize, but the fact it does not change. Pay.

And, by the way, when you do not realize that paying for something not received, then simply begin to experience a growing dissatisfaction, frustration, irritation, turning into anger..., And so on increasing.

Or (which also happens) is included apathy - when, like, did not want anything and does not need anything. As in that famous tale: "What will... what is bondage... all the same..."
While pent-up feelings don't go (suddenly!) in some "strange" unmotivated rage. Rabies.
(suddenly!) break out some often insignificant (or even small) reason.
Because long paid for... something. Something important, by the way, for us!

And this dissatisfaction is not clear what, we feel, it is actually a symptom.
the Symptom of the fact that we do not get something for what we paid! No matter what I paid, but paid!

by the Way, quite often happens so that those to whom we have paid, this is not even know.
Or we didn't tell them. Or they're slow-witted.
Although we ourselves sometimes do not realize that pay!!

That is when the store money in cash we made, and the goods have not given us, we at least understand that there is a clear violation of our legal rights to what we gave the money) And are outraged!
And usually we are not ashamed of their dissatisfaction not only to feel but to Express it out loud!))

But when not in the store..))
Here begins some implicit feeling that something... something is wrong... And that is really unclear. And why is the us so sucks (sorry for the slang)??
Well here is some dissatisfaction, but... what..? Not a, not a... it's time to a psychologist.

what to the psychologist? To understand and for what is important we pay, but not to get?
And, moreover, we often don't even realize that we pay!

Because when money is clear - pay.
And when their mental efforts, their voltage, their time, it is not clear.
And it's no wonder they say that time is the only irreplaceable resource!
Because time is life time. Own!

Being inside the problem is quite difficult to understand, and what we do?
What kind of action we make and for what?
To the result to obtain - what?

Inside we often walk in a circle. Or, as is often said, stepping on the same rake).
Not because we like to step on them, but because we simply do not see in an emphasis used.
They have accustomed to beat head on, but we don't realize it - a rake.
But in the forehead because it hurts. While it is not clear!
Here is such a paradox))

In General, the theme is, as usual, endless..:) In the format of small article it can only indicate. Large strokes))
And small brush strokes we already see for yourself...
And then comes understanding. And the understanding is a breakthrough. Breakthrough to a real!

And now, my dear readers, thank you for your attention!
And if you want I can help:)

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Galina V.
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