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the training of our students has two main phases.

First – it is is the main program, and you have all the skills, knowledge, techniques and methods to work with each other. Organized a place in a cozy corner where to go to engage in the ordinances of psychotherapy conditional conditional therapist and client. Sometimes they are joined by friend of the group, or they call the leading to help deal with a narrow point. All is quiet, almost intimate, very quiet.

And the second stage when all that is learned and mastered in a few months, we have to show for supervision.

in Group supervision is a powerful tool for training future psychologists, psychotherapists. One day there is a breakthrough in the understanding of the therapist's work. Integrates all that has been accumulated over months of training.

This is a unique opportunity to receive live feedback on their work with the client. That is, the therapist and client work in the "aquarium" is a group of observers sitting around threes dealer. Their work was scrutinized by the authorized supervisor (also from students, and also delivers supervision). Naturally and leading teachers also listen and watch.

After the session the therapist, client and supervisor give reports each in their position. Despite the friendly atmosphere, handing over the supervision worried, often get lost, ask for advice or assistance. Nevertheless, I beg to repeat supervision again and again. This is really a very powerful way of learning.

But in our educational programmes is always a lot of humor. Students often laugh when I work. And supervision is also one of the moments when you can laugh heartily.

Here are some funny statements can be heard on supervision.

Q supervisor: "In what condition was keeping the client consultant?"

supervisor Review: "the Client need not to give up, because when the consultant dropped it, the client starts to do harm."

Review of the external supervisor: "Customer parabrachial with a therapist..."
the shout of the customer: "Comrades, it is me calling me a dog!"

supervisor Review: "the Customer is always right, what he wants, and does!"

a blow to the head (out the door external supervisor) led the client from the current status.

Confusion of supervisor: "Collapse anchors itself collapse. Better to tell himself collapse."

Review of the external supervisor: "One technique cannot be used twice (for supervision)..."

the shout of the customer: " What am I now and will trigger to go!"

Review of the client when checking for environmental friendliness: "In some contexts it will be necessary to remove a couple of submodalities."

Question of the therapist to the client: "the Customer you called obstacles, but I do not remember, I was in a trance!"

Q supervisor: "Command if the client on the resource state of the therapist?"

supervisor Review: "I saw the reframing."
a voice from the audience: "Is not seen and heard?"

supervisor Review: "Judging from the gestures of the therapist the client has a visual representational system."

From the definitions of meta-models supervisors: "something is something, and something is non-specific noun, the pronoun almost."

the Board of supervisor: " Now put the customer in equipment."

supervisor Review: "For rapport, a special thank you to all!"

supervisor Review: "the Customer is creatively made a lot."

supervisor Review: " In the technique it is important that the apples have a client moving (about the eye)."

Question to the supervisor: "As a therapist about the submodalities of the client? Answer: "the Client said."

supervisor Review: "the client and the therapist both breathed in, so the rapport was established."

the Board of supervisor: "Thakore client".

supervisor Review: "Customer, you can be "naked curiosity."

Question of the therapist to the client after the session: "-as a client you saved?"

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