Greed. Art practice on the fairy tale the Frog Princess.

the Theme of greed is important, as it borders on bipolar accumulation and rationality. To this bipolarity we can connect as mental, emotional, and material values.
If a person loses control over the movement of their choice in favor of accumulation and the efficient allocation, it is easy to move to a state of greed. Now I will outline why women are more susceptible to uncontrolled greed than men. All because women have a strong built-in Archetype of the Hostess who has their possessions on the lower energy center - let us denote it 1 floor, and this floor is connected to the basement, is a symbol of past experience. There is stored, processed and unprocessed product of collecting and accumulation. And that's why women are more often able to be greedy, because there is still the Archetype of the Mother, who lives suspended for 3 th floor, energy centre connection, the child - mother. Women, by definition, want to take care of their children, and if this archetype is very active, these women switched to over-activity of care. Starts infinite cumulative function. And when a woman in the real world has no control over this process, all because she doesn't trust the situation, and begins to actively control everything in the outside world. Instead of rationally to deal with their internal processes, and here begins the Active mode of Greed. The consciousness of the woman gives a signal to the Mother archetype excessive Hyper guardianship and care, the mother of the annoying Archetype of the Hostess to accumulate, and not to give up. The basement is already bursting from the savings, and the product begins to deteriorate. Suffer all the archetypes, the space of the inner world and the outer. What to do then?

first and foremost, to perform that trust or not situations or other people. Is it easy for you to part with money, where do you send the money and how. Money really is just a tool of reflection of the energies that you send. There is a very thin line between greed and rationality. Another important point - people are greedy don't hear the real needs, decide for others what they want, impose their opinions, pressured the authoritarian - these moments can be seen in the relationship parent-child. Head slave.
And remember if you are greedy, your environment will not be partnership, friendship, unconditional love, and will only sacrifice. Who will suffer from your actions. Victims in outer appearance say about your status of the victim in relation to the processes that you run in the inner world. In this case, it would be good to clean.
to Start. By using art therapy, or meditation to see what and in what condition. Use to help the totems
Totems - protein - retains and distributes resources - three power totem - totem is an Antelope, and action. Totem Armadillo - boundaries, totem Unlimited potential - there are no limits on the possibilities.
for Example, to create the actual state. To accept the real situation and to work on the basement and first floor will help you a deep analysis of the fairy tale Cinderella.

And then after cleaning after:

Resources are evenly distributed - no need to remove, need to leave, with the understanding that it somewhere also need to be implemented.
to create lucid boundaries between greed and rationality refer to the work with the fairy tale the Frog Princess.

This story keeps knowledge of female sexuality and a wise and proper distribution of women's sexual energy, which in this distribution arises from women on the 2 floor of the energy centre. The birth of sexuality and the feminine energy that is channeled and gives strength to the 3rd floor to the Mother Archetype - which, in turn, wisely uses these energies.
And now, dear women, the reason why many men can be realized next to you, or your sons or your husbands. lovers - this is the reason the energy distribution of the primary source of your sexuality. If you are running in the processes of energy distribution of the imbalance, we will have lots of problems with emotion, fatigue, irritability, not satisfaction. The man is taking from you the sexual energy of low quality, as well can not fully fill your energy channels. And they are dependent on it. Due to improper distribution of energy, men or get sick, and if it is sons or cannot be filled with the energy of success. In an adult male. Just not enough energy for action, implementation and getter. Men will always be looking for quality energy woman. If you limit their sexual energy - do not be surprised that men are strong you just go to a more quality woman. And love has nothing to do with it. Working survival instincts.
Women expire women's, respectively men suffer from it.
to Activate your sexual power, Princess Frog, can men's power of action, any strong animus - bridge to the realization of your creative activity. Or quality sex. But here too there are nuances. We need to restore knowledge and skills that it was really high quality. And it is very important to do it without complexes and aversions. Cleared.

So as to work with the tale. In fact, the metaphor of the frog in case, in the context of the tale plays a role - the preservation, purification. In the frog the resource to clean. You can just start drawing a frog or you can use any material to create this very frog, to cleanse floors.
painting Techniques, decoupage, mosaic, painting, even sewing and embroidering, choose what you like - you can even make up your own. After such work you will have power. And then the main thing is to distribute the energy of your life - sexual energy. (that's another technique - wood-Energy) It will describe a little later.
How to make a diagnosis of your sexuality and the state to properly allocate your energy.
Take the fairy tale the frog Princess (preferably in a book this option is open on any page and read the paragraph - as well as fall your look)
at the same Answer for questions -
this paragraph confuses you, annoying - this is the shadow resource. It should be taken. Admit to yourself that it is.
That in the very paragraph you comments, and describe emotions, pleasant or not pleasant - there to respond to emotions based on whether you have trauma on sexual development. After describing this moment, give yourself the intention to be cleansed from this state (from trauma) - to dig it is not necessary, just rinse and let go.
treatment Method I recommend painting with watercolors, and the water the better, even washed out all the excess. Who has the ability to work with metaphorical cards in the context of this request will also be very effective.
After this work, look at the paragraph again - Where do you see the resource for yourself? That to love - there is something that you have especially true for quality of life. ( it is possible that maybe one and the same row are different ways to respond before and after cleaning) - sometimes because of injuries we don't see their power.
When will the realization, you will be able to control their internal processes - then you will be able to direct the sexual energy, and your Mother Archetype is no need to be Greedy).
So the most important rule of the flow of sexual energy - direct her first in its channels and energy centers, efficiently dispensing. Then you will have to produce new energy, which you will be able to share. And that is limitless.

Turn the bog frogs - a source of continuous and clean source. And then you won't need to be Greedy.
And you will begin to attract men that are real, and you cease to nag.

Gurtovenko Xenia
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