"Alexander Dolgopolov. I see that you don't like nannies. Why?

" Nothing personal, just the nanny can't replace parents. And many nannies are persistently want to do it."

the babysitter is good?

the school taught the works of A. S. Pushkin. And emphasized a great contribution to his upbringing nanny Arina. I still don't know what and who his father was and what was the name of the mother. But the sitter will remember for a lifetime. Thanks to her, we enjoyed and admired the great works of the great poet. But what was the personal life of Pushkin? Happy life he lived? And what of his life is over? Would you like such a future for her son?

Who is the babysitter?

Nanny can be any person, if it wants to. Special education "the nanny" is not required. The main thing is to love children and know the basics of education. But the smarter and more educated the nurse, the more she needed to pay. The nanny can't be beautiful and young. And suddenly, she like dad? The nanny can't be too old will not have time to catch the baby.

Because circle of nannies is limited to age limits. Mean age of nurse did not last long and the job is not stable. And for a place we should stay, otherwise other can not find.

nanny needs to like a child

If a child rolled up in a tantrum about the fact that his nanny is hurting and schimit, the nanny immediately fired. The market for nannies small, but there is always a choice.

Because the nanny needs to like a child.

I described the main qualities of a good nanny. But what about the middle-aged woman., if children do not particularly like or understand the love for the child on their own? Correctly, to adapt to the work environment. This means, to please the child and the whole family. To be obedient, patient, not to punish, but to admire Chad. This nanny any mom would love. The baby is happy, fed, clean and happy to go with the nanny for a walk.

But there is education without punishment? Proponents of modern methods believe that can happen. But these techniques have no experience, no experience of generations. There is only the result – rude insolent.

What really is love child?

the Baby loves the attention and fair treatment. It is a fact, tested and repeatedly proven by many teachers, educators and nurses. The creepiness with him the child did not like it , but he gladly uses it.

maturity of the child is a big problem Babysitting

nanny needed-child while he is small. He grows up and the nanny will be to look for another client. Because often the nurse inhibits the growth of the child.

She even herself does not understand. "He's young" "he is before," "it's a big load for him."

Invited to the competition and hear; "the left will not go, because there will be a lot of children and he is sick And I will remain without work" - I continue the idea of a caring nanny.

But if the nanny is to blame?

a nanny is a job. And the work we do so as required by the customer or the owner. What are the requirements – and performance. If parents are too lazy to deal with children, the nanny will be useful. If parents believe their child is special and different, then the nanny will act accordingly. If the parents like to humiliate, and nanny will only smotrelki for the child, but not a teacher.


If the nanny is a necessity, then pick correctly and ask, respectively. Treat nanny as a family member, then there will be kowtowing and zadabrivaniya.

a nanny is a person, give her the opportunity to properly educate. And not always your child need to believe in the word, that child is bad. You to easily verify the adequacy of the nanny, you just want to find some time in your busy schedule.

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