Harmful love to work


at first Mary was very worried, upset, and then angry at the fact that at work, turned out to be not the result is important. Or so she saw. With its position.

She put soul in the project. In one, the other. And they were not important. They just put on the shelf. Every day the papers were covered with dust, and her heart with sorrow and longing.

She knew that the promotion of its ideas is dependent on other divisions that are not in a hurry to do something.

the Situation has caused a storm of emotions. Much time she spent on thinking about the situation, alternately blaming both himself and others. Built angry dialogues. While her energy for a more productive goals - self-development, relationships with family, professional growth is dissipated. Has gone nowhere.

She missed that.

She picked this work.
She decided continue to work in organizations where it is not seen (or understood) what is really going on.
It is"glued" itself, and office began to worry about the result of the activities of the enterprise. And if he was "not ice", did not meet her expectations, worried.
She considered herself to be responsible for all what is happening in the firm. She didn't know that you can share your "clearing" and "clearing" of other people, and not much not to worry, that the matter goes no further.

this is codependency at work. The man takes its not responsibility. He puzzled more, it wants to solve problems that do not fall within its competence. He merges with the firm together, so very upset if she is sick (that is not quite harmonious functioning).

This is very similar to co-dependent person who can't sleep at night if his partner is drinking. The person who really wants to solve the problems of others, but did not ask about it. A man who has taken on their shoulders the difficulties of another, even though the other is not doing anything to change the situation.

Journey through the triangle of Karpman it gives the described result: the employee first wants to Save the organization - to do the best to solve all issues that are not even in his humble job description. Then, seeing no response, answer, it is angry, indignant - he put so much force (the Pursuer)! In the end, he comes to the position of the Victim, which spares himself, sees no way out, his hands fall, faith in a better giving.

And everything is beautifully and cheerfully begun!

Therefore, the prevention of codependency at work will be: a clear understanding of their goals-personal, professional; a clear vision of their "glades" and "glades" of others.

Olga Samohvalova
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