Women who save and can not dopasti partner, is familiar to all.
Recently thought that "the little Mermaid" metaphorically describes the scenario of women willing to sacrifice and remove themselves known as for men.
Let's remember the story and draw Parallels with life.
the little Mermaid saves the Prince in a storm. the
First, the woman sees a man in distress. He lost the meaning of life, it sinks, and a woman runs to save him. She needed!
the little Mermaid falls in love, not knowing the Prince, inventing his image.
a Woman sees that need it (or so she thinks), and is bound, creates an image and comes up with an explanation for the behavior of men "he's just a phase" "he is good, just unrestrained", and falls in love with a phantom created by her.
the little Mermaid realizes that together they can not be. the
Woman feels that the man is not up to the end of it, what its value and benefits you need to constantly confirm and save the man.
the little Mermaid gives voice, changing the tail on my feet and pain with every step.
the Woman begins to change. To suppress your needs, to put away resentment and anger, "all for him", he becomes the meaning of her life, her interests go well if on the second plan, and no further. And Yes, it hurts with every step.
the Prince chooses another, and the little mermaid dies after failing to kill him. the
Woman weakens, jealous, the man starts to walk, reproach and hurt more and more. And then either the woman leaves, metaphorically killing the Prince of the phantom and seeing the real chosen one, or it remains and continues to sacrifice their lives for him.
This scenario is peculiar to women, convinced that they have no value in themselves, that they are unimportant and unworthy, and they seek to earn the love that is impossible in principle.
These things come from children's relationship parent to child, reinforced by the experience of relationship. This can be overcome when working with a psychologist
Try to find something you can respect yourself, keep in mind their interests and feelings in the relationship, focus on them and not your partner.
good Luck!

Anastasia Kuznetsova
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