I know quite a few women and men who feel unworthy for those partners that like and that agree to a relationship with someone who doesn't like it.

This problem is typical of for men and for women, however, for the sake of simplicity, I'll write for women.

From my experience, the feeling of inferiority often comes from childhood, from parents ' attitudes to you. Unworthiness in relationships with the opposite sex from the relationship with the parent of the opposite sex.

With the problem of low self-esteem in the relationship it is better to consult a specialist, however, if you do not have this capability, you can use two exercises below that I give to my clients and which have a good efficiency.

the First exercise of the "Ideal father"
(for men - the perfect mother)Imagine the perfect father who accepts you completely and loves. This dad, You need. He is ready to give you any support you need. He tells you that you are the best, worthy of a wonderful woman. He will support and protect you, whatever is happening. Hug the pillow very much as if you were hugging your perfect father. Feel his presence. Maybe if you didn't have that experience, you will not be easy to do. But go ahead – because inside you there is a part that really wants it and knows that's the way it should be. Now ask yourself: if I had a father I would choose your partner? Imagine your ideal father came to

talk to your man about your relationship. What would he say to your partner? All that in addition to your partner, you have a strong man, your father, on whom you can rely, and who you can protect. You can lean your pillow against the wall and lean against it. Hear that your perfect father, speaks like a man man, your partner? Apitites the support of the father. Breathe deeply, soaking up his love. Understand that You're all right. That you are protected. When you feel the heat, expansion and joy – open your eyes.

the Second exercise of the "Loving caring Parents"Sit in a comfortable position with a straight back and close your eyes, imagine next to a caring wise adult person (of any gender) who will accompany you in this work.

Along with this wise man return to a real or imaginary scene from my childhood, which begins and ends well: it doesn't have to be an important episode: you can play in the sand, or ride a bike, or just lie on the banks of the river, watching the water flow. Let this be the episode in which you make yourself happy, not one where you think others bring you happiness.

Enjoy this moment of their children's happiness as much as you need now. Imagine how this wise man is telling you at this moment a soft, warm voice "You're OK, I love you so much, I'm so glad(a) that you have" and other warm words that you feel would like to hear at this moment. Absorb and accept these words, is a manifestation of love.

When you're ready, go back with this wise man in the scene of his birth and imagine that he or she is near you and says: "You deserve respect! I love you, you unique/invaluable/worthy of/on love, regardless of whether there were others to love you when you were a little/Oh." Feel this love and apitites her as much as you need this right now.

When you're ready for the next step: connect it with this wise person and let him/her already as part of you inside will tell you: "from Now on I will love myself and take care of yourself as a child that I was, and as an adult/Oh that/I became/a".

Repeat this phrase several times until you feel its complete acceptance of body: that you are protected under the protection of his wise loving Parent within you.

Author: Psychologist Eugene Korchmarek

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