Situation client, let's call her Elizabeth (the name and details of the client's situation changed for confidentiality). Been married 10 years. To marry is not wanted, but was persuaded mom. They say, rich and good. A year later she realized that she didn't want to live with her husband. And could not disperse. Then it turned out the baby is a girl. When the child was 3 years old, she tried to leave her husband, her husband signed her marriage contract by which property and child do not belong. They are now formally divorced three years but continue a kind of cohabitation. The man lives in a city apartment. She lives with a child in a country house. The husband does not give her neither to study nor to get a job that fully contains her and the child.

Request: "Three years of no sex with her husband was not. The strength to continue this life do not want. Come to find out. Don't know what to do. Has driven itself into the ditch."

Review In numerous parts this situation is very easy to drown. The situation seems completely hopeless.

But the alignment is a very visual tool for deciphering such puzzles. There must be a system background of such a situation.

the Way of arrangement 1: the original image of the alignment revealed that she and husband does not look at each other and their relationship. All the attention and all the energy of her husband sent his spiritual mentor to a yogi who lives in the far Eastern country (for example the sublimation of sexual energy). All the attention of the wife (i.e. the client) is directed at mom. Mom just did not let their daughter to an independent life. In the way of arrangement of the substituents showed very clearly the real ship rope is a symbiotic relationship. In fact, the client does not belong to never. Only Mama.


"Dear mother, I take from you your life as a gift. I'll for her do not have to. I have the right to do with your life whatever you want. This is my life. I'm her mistress. I don't have the experience of independence. But I will learn! So mom, thank you for life. It's a great gift. I'm going in my life!"

Result: Some improvement being noted as the client and his Deputy.


Image arrangement 2: Second image arrangement put initially focused on the search system in the client "has driven itself into the pit", searching for a negative system programs associated with its current situation of weakness, insecurity, lack of freedom. In the way of reason manifested paternal grandmother of the client.

Additional information from client: My mother was disrespectful to my mother-in-law (my grandmother's father) condemned her. Grandma, this was in many ways a great woman. She was married to a simple laborer against the will of the parents, it made him senior Manager of the region in Soviet times. And her assistant was required to afford total respect. She stood as if on a pedestal. It really jarred when the client is talking to it, using a disrespectful tone mother. Indignation literally no bounds. But as soon as the client has changed the tone, the wave of blessings grandmother swept with a wave. The connection with the power of the grandmother recovered.

Result: the Feeling of strength and confidence, the client and her Deputy.

we made up the balance.


  1. How could we verify the placement, disrespect for elders in the family leads to disastrous consequences – blagoslovenie, and as a consequence of weakness, of dependence, lack of freedom. Respect restores the positive channels of communication, strengthens, gives strength and energy.
  2. If the mother does not release the daughter from yourself, you need to have the courage to go away myself. Go with gratitude to the experience that was received.

very cool Arrangement clarifies the context and the situation. But the alignment can't do anything for the client.

Client a lot of work.

of Course, the client need to take many strong steps towards restoration of relations with ex-husband and the father of the child, or toward a new relationship. And for both it will require courage, independence and strength.

Matveeva Nadezhda
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