of Course, I am not my body. I am so much wider, deeper, but at least, Oh, romantic! But "this body" is mine, I need it, and I just will not give!

the Body gives the opportunity to leave different footprints in this reality: to move, to work, to learn, to have fun in the end. It is through the body receives from the outside world info. Without the initial base of feelings neither to focus nor to think nor understand anything.

Perhaps there are other channels of information, bypassing the body. But, while "body" is neither to prove nor to disprove other channels of info is impossible. For everyone who "comes out of the body" somewhere "traveled", was the entire nemeryany the amount that is "for" and so on and so forth... there is always a concrete argument: "This is your body now!"

I, as a person practicing, you know a dozen meditations that allowed me to "dream while awake." My body flew into a thousand coloured balls. I almost lost my "self". And then all of a sudden with his "I-there!" and I collected all these bulbs again. They suddenly turned into the body of a huge five-meter orangutan (I confess, and I with them). I'm in ecstasy pounded his fists to his chest and uttered a formidable and enthusiastic screams, as do apes. At these energies, I was suddenly transformed to a proud knight in glowing white armor. We, together with the knight fiercely rushed to the attack. I was speeding! Who I jumped – never got a good look, because it is already "turned" to the doctor, the master of the amazing azure of the building in the Sinai mountains.

- You were there! – enthusiastically told me later friends, colleagues and companions for meditation.

- Yes, great vision - I was specified.

- Now you understand that there is no death! with gusto and self-persuasion, they proclaimed.

- don't know yet my body's still alive to talk about it before, calmly I replied.

What happens to my "I" when the body is "off", or otherwise just die is unknown.

Those who do not believe in a "continuation" – cry. Those who believe laugh. Someone, or some, or others may be doing it wrongly. "Well it's faith!". And she, alas, is blind... despite the miracles that can sometimes create. And sometimes can't. There is no repetition of the result, as in science.

There is a third category, while less common. Those who "allow". Or – "a little hope". Ready to look Her in the eye. The one that no one's body will not pass. At least at this level of medical technology development. Look into my eyes, and with interest in exploring, "is there something after It". The main thing – not to miss the moment. To be in a solid mind. Be aware of "here and now". To be trained and ready for all sorts of congestion. Especially the emotional overload. Especially due to faith. Yes, even faith in science. Or in religion. Despite the fact that one is constantly changing, and the other... adapts to these changes. "There," where no one "without a body" hasn't returned yet? What am I going to be without a body? Who am I without a body? We are "bodily", not know about it. Being a "body" - can only dream. Maybe – and very productive.

which category you belong, dear readers?

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