I rescue (MAC)


the publication of this story, obtained the consent of the client.

With a client we work in self-evaluation, autonomy and financial independence. 

a young creative girl (let's call her Kate) is still not fully completed the separation (separation from parents). Kate was raised in a single-parent family with her mother and brothers, and when my mother had a roommate, this part of your life spent with your grandmother. 

my Grandmother always broadcast the role of the rescuer: a lot of effort and energy is invested in others, including Kate, not wanting to live my life. And occasionally she thought about how to return "debt" and show grandma a better life. 

Now my mother and my grandmother merged into one big family.
Mom girls are mostly busy with their sons, Katya's younger brothers. Sometimes Kate sees certain errors of education, allowed by the mother, and tries to fix them.

Katie is confident that she can become the more successful and more stylish mom to my brothers, to have more income, etc.

in addition, Katya cares deeply for the family and their future. It seems that we should start to live away from home, as the family is sure to happen, something terrible. So Katya has an internal conflict that generates the voltage control building, rescue and false peace, or a life, self-development and fears. 

All these details, of course, were clarified immediately, and said for three consultations.

With metaphoric cards we were working on the third. The card Kate has chosen blind by asking certain questions.

1) What gives me self-actualize?

Map No. 1.

Kate sees a girl half his face missing. In her dress "live and walk" feelings, from which it is separated by the tray and which does not want to look. We discussed the picture and I asked the question and where she carries the tray.
the Question remained unanswered and then I was asked to choose a second card.

2) Where carrying a tray girl?

Map No. 2.

Pulling this card, she surprisingly meets her mother. During the discussion it turns out that the girl with card number 1 save the falling babies. "the mother with the baby melts like a candle and when it melts completely, the baby will fall. Girl needs to put it on a tray and carry to the place where the child will be fine. It's her job".

how long she been doing this?

Quite some time.

3) What happens if a girl will lay your tray and begin to live your life?

Map No. 3.

Pure creativity. Her world is filled with colors and feelings. It performs its projects and engaged. In addition, the girl appeared on the map of "person", and she can now hear, see and speak, unlike the girls with card №1.

Now gradually Kate realizes how much she has developed a rescue, and that the role of a mother and daughter should not be confused. The hierarchy was and is a necessary and important part of the family. In addition, among other things, all things that make mom and grandma have their own choice for which the child is responsible should not. The understanding of these facts allows to relieve the burden of unnecessary responsibility, and to pay attention to your own life.

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