I swim in a trance


Where do You swim? In the sea, in the ocean, in the pool?
This is not idle curiosity, I learned to swim in a trance.
How does it work? I don't know, it probably happened. Always loved to swim. We swam with dad. He swam always very far away, something looked like a whale is steadily moving forward, rhythmic motion, my head went under water, hands, legs did push forward, my head got out of the water a good distance from the place where went under water. And so he could swim forever. Mom always worried and ran along the shore, and he was good. Just head under the water, push forward. Rhythm!! Yeah, I guess it makes my swimming now so unusual, the rhythm allows you to go into a trance once under water, two push, three over the water. one, two, three. What can swim? You can swim in the memories of his childhood. Here we are-dad is there and everything is perfectly in order, he taught not to fuss, not to be afraid. float one, two, three. Dad is around. He said that if I get tired, you can safely take back his shoulder-so he won't struggle, and I will rest. When this happened, I was completely relaxed and holding on to it with your fingertips. He said I was like a fish. Laughter, already on the beach he was checking if I had the gills))). I sail with my dad tonight, he's close. Where else can you swim? I'm in the pool today with my daughter, she shows the extreme side of the path there falls the shadow and it scares her, she offers to change. I'm floating, and I understand that I'm scared that I'm stressed, I want to go there. What is there for my fear? I begin to swim with fear, I look at him, I can feel it. What is it, why sweat, why am I afraid of? That someone will touch in the water, someone pulled my leg. This track is dark there is light, I'm floating, more immersed in the contemplation of his fear. Track extreme is a place that serves hot water. It creates around itself a zone where it is nice and warm. They do not want to leave her, but I'm floating again-his head under water, two push, three emerged from the water, I swim from the edge of the pool to the edge, turn around and swim again. And each time a warm area, leaving which every time you need to make an effort. Two feelings-fear, what to touch and cold in contrast to the native, a nice comfort zone. How do I? Where am I? Mom...Yes. of course my mother. But where? around me everywhere. This is a very different experience. Alarm. But how?-I'm safe, I'm fine, just a little afraid that someone will touch, grab and comfortable and warm, then splash with cold. And so I do not want but cannot stop. Once under the water, two, three. Mom was 34, the pregnancy was very difficult. One-two-push, three. She was lying, if moved, it was bleeding. And I? I fear...that I caught by the leg, and I then cold, then warm. And tell her that you don't have to suffer, it would be better to terminate the pregnancy. Time under water, two push, three over the water. Then warm, then cold. My mother coped, I also. So where does this fear that touch in the water, that's where the differences in the relationship - the warmth, then cold. Amazing. Thank you the pool, thank you dark track, thanks to warm currents, thanks to my Daughter, so sensitive to me, thank you mom! All this I'll leave it there-far away in childhood. Time under water, two push, three emerges. Four-I stop, take a breath, five or I come out of the pool on the steps, six-I'm here now and I'm FREE.
Where do You swim? In the sea, in the ocean, in the pool. I swim in a trance.

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