"I had a nightmare. On the rails lies a little girl and a train rushes. The air tight as a rubber and I rush through it very slowly. I run to save the baby and feel as it vibrates the air and the ground beneath their feet from the oncoming train. Wake up in a cold sweat... I have this Dream for several years."

This is the story of a young woman, Evgenia. She is married, has one child. With work somehow it does not add up relations with her husband sluggish. Remembering his childhood, Eugenia animated, even laughing, remembering their antics, dancing. And she notes that was unlike the real you.

we Begin to analyze the dream in detail, to consider each shape and build a dialogue between them, leaving the fabric of a dream. The work lasts about an hour, both of us uneasy, but Eugene is working perfectly. Get out of the dream, everything is possible. Get to the bottom.

the Initial excitement of my client and the fear caused by the nightmare, soon recede. This energy is returned from whence he came, to her mistress, and it is not terrible. Because she came not to harm, but to help.

Dreams are mine. I see them every night and usually remember everything. I guess that's why I was always interested in the interpretation of dreams. In my dreams primarily characterized by mood and emotional background. It tells me a lot. Pay attention to the details on the characters. Talk to them. But I know that to fully see the problem, if it is possible only from the side.

the Interpretation of dreams Sigmund Freud is the triumphant work. He was the first scientists began to relate to dreams seriously. But I prefer the method Perls, I'm working on it.

Together with my client we went in her sleep and opened all of his Epistles. Jack realized that rails is its inert existence, and a child who is in danger is its unrealized potential.

Our work is ongoing, but not over sleep. The nightmare is not repeated any more, because his message had reached the addressee. In the life of Eugenia, the changes started, she's not coasting. She became the Creator of his biography, and I told her a little help.

Natalia M.
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