Inner vampire (insider story)


Monologue in which it is hidden inner child.

Hello, my boy?


Ahhh, you're an adult?


- Resist...


ie. you were never a kid?


And, so still was!?


- You're crying...


- are You hurt?


does it hurt You that they didn't believe in you?..


- Who is "they"?


- there were many... and even parents whom you loved so much.


Even they are the ones to whom you fled joyful with a new idea! Those to whom you were riding headlong to tell about my dream! ... even they...


- don't cry. Oh, sorry, give me a hug and we will cry vmeste.


- You know, I understand you because I also said "don't cry" and also didn't take seriously my dreams.


- You are surprised because I say they do not weep, but you know, I believe in you and in your dreams too.


Look, I'll tell you about your inner vampire.


You cringe, you feel cold, come I will wrap you tightly and hug. Come closer and don't be afraid, I won't let them hurt you.


I See you warmed up a little and ready! This is evidenced by the glint in your eye.

Well, then I start.

the Tale of inner vampire.

once upon a time, there was a light on the child. If it was a boy or girl doesn't matter. But it was a real baby! Real because lively and curious. For him everything was interesting. He jumped in puddles to see how water behaves if it put the body, he admired the butterflies and dragonflies, and sometimes tore off their wings in order to understand what has changed.

Sometimes he would lay down on the grass, closed my eyes and imagined flying, and you know, it was a very realistic feeling. He knew that he could fly no worse than butterflies or birds.

And he asked the parents a lot of questions.

- You hung...


- you Know, they are not always answered.

Sometimes parents talked about something interesting, but often they were engaged in "adult" business and often said "Leave me alone!", "I have no time!", "See for yourself in the book."

And the child turns and walks away, without waiting for a response. And because he loved his parents, he cared about their condition and tried not to disturb the "stupid questions".

at First he stopped to ask questions.

But the child grew up and wanted to try a lot, because there still lived the dream and even though he decided not to ask more "stupid questions", he and adults wanted to be able something interesting to do.

He thought that maybe one day will become a cook and tried to catch the moment when mom fussing in the kitchen to watch the process, and even more he wanted to participate in it, but mom said "Not cool under your feet!" and chased him from the kitchen. Sometimes she was allowed to make a pie, but the dough is, unfortunately, not clung and out of the oven a beautiful left only my mother's pies.

And frustrated child left the kitchen, leaving the dream to be a chef.

He went to the Pope in the hope of getting your first nail and hit your thumb.

Father was angry and drove him away with the words, "you have your Hands not from that place grow!".

the Child was gone again, realizing that with his hands that something was wrong and the carpenter it will not work.

But he and the baby to BE, and he came up with a new dream.

He tried again and again, and again and again I heard: "Losers!", "You understand nothing!", "You do not know, do not touch!"

And now, being a teenager he almost stopped trying new things.

Now he had another dream.

He dreamed of love. He dreamed that one day will meet someone special, someone you will love more than the parents of some very different special love.

One day he met someone he was interested and who he liked. But the parent just laughed when I discovered new feelings, because he thought it was a child's folly.

the Parent forgot that also for the first time faced with a new and inexplicable feeling in yourself.

years Passed and new people in a child's life. He was careful and didn't always open your heart, because many parents did not understand his feelings.

But a living person dies without feelings and grown-up children again and again opened his heart, despite the fear, because to die would be even worse.

And one day he went to the second parent and the rocks to him, "You know, I'm so in love!", as a parent, smiled, but somehow it became agitated, it seemed to the child.

And the child decided it would be to protect your feelings in the heart, in order not to disturb the parent.

He learned well the lessons and since then tried not to disturb the adults that surrounded him.

yet... not grown...

People have grown up and inside a person, a child died and one day, the man did not notice that the child has possession of it.

But it was not the same lively and inquisitive child. It was a giant strong child, who takes all the power in humans. This child became a vampire. It was a dead child, BUT he still wanted to live!

the Man became increasingly ill, and his life became him not interesting, dull and cheerless.

And then one day he decided to put the house in order. While the man was sort of on an old forgotten shelf, he suddenly found a small box, which seemed to him so familiar and so important that the heart ached.

He opened it.

On a velvet cloth inside was faded butterfly wings.

the Man remembered that once, when he was very young, he saw a very beautiful butterfly. He's long admired her. He was particularly struck by her wings!

And because he did not know what would happen if to tear off butterfly wings, he could not resist and tore off.

for a Long time he wept over threesomes little body and wings, but when he realized the result of his experiment, he is doomed, sobbing, buried the body of the butterfly, and the wings and carefully put in a box.

In those days, he still believed that someday, will be able to fly like a butterfly.

a Whirlwind in the man's head flew phrase: "Stop asking stupid questions!", "Incompetent!", "Useless!", "Get out of my way!", "Where are you putting your hands!", "Yes, you need someone with such knowledge!" and suddenly harm them, "come on you are the pictures, let's get this done!".

the Man remembered that he was very upset because of the story tie in to any cost has decided to revive her figure, but he never gave it to finish, considering it not important.

People only now realized the depth of his own child experiment.

He stood in the middle of the room, holding a box with wings and wandering eyes on the shelves, now he felt unhappy a butterfly who lost her wings.

At that moment, from his eyes tears flowed.

it took some time, tears dried up and his heart stopped hurting.

Reassured, the man suddenly felt within him stirred, something alive.

- Interesting! – people thought, and whether I...?

He took the paper and paint and drew a summer meadow with lots of flowers on which the butterflies flitted. One of them, the largest, especially vidales in the painting, attracting vnimanie.


- then what happened?

Oh, baby! You began to speak.

- And then the person took the picture to the fair and met another man, who in childhood dream to be an entrepreneur and to help people. They became friends and organized the exhibition.

- Want to know how they call it?

I Think I know... "Dream".

- Yes, so they helped each other to realize a dream.

- But why are they so long did not work?..

the street was a man in a gray cloak, holding under his arm the picture, and as if engaged in dialogue with someone invisible, answering the silent question.

...They said no, that they can become whoever we want!

Serdyuk Alevtina
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