Inside of me lives a neurotic young lady with delusions of grandeur. She is most afraid to fail. And it is certain that the meaning of life for all people – to watch her and wait when she Fucks up. She is often torn Caproni and twitches his left eye. 

Inside me lives a student is a perfectionist. She strives to be perfect and even confetti sorts by color and shape. Her life is planned for 5 years forward, she was sasamartlos any longer, but it all seems that it can be better – to live and all. She carries with her the school diary for assessments and red pasta, and she offers to put the assessment of her life – all passers-by and accidental, to all. She does care about the opinions of others. She's only up to the opinions of others about her and cares. 

Inside me lives a hippie pohutka. It all and all. She's bald, wears boots in any weather, walks in the stretched old sweater, smokes, of course, brightens Brenna lives with alcohol, wash the head once a month and “anyway, we're all going to die”. 

Inside me lives a good girl-smiley. She always smiles and she is always good. She works as a teacher, comes home no later than 9pm and can't say no, she often hurts. She wanted to make friends with the hippie pogwizdow, but Mama said not. And mom had to obey. 

Inside me lives a Yogini a hermit. But then, this is it. I don't know much about him, because he lives in the mountains. He meditates, eats the sun and about tomorrow to get enlightened. 

Inside me lives auditore criticare. She likes to poke his nose into the mistakes the student a perfectionist, and indeed all. It is impossible to please. She knows how to live – and all gives free tips with an arrogant look. Good girl and her mom used to listen. This is her main social circle, because others had already fled and hid away from her. 

Inside me lives a Vedic woman. It feeds on Ayurveda, has no job and collects long skirts the earth's energy. She is little energy gained, apparently, so her husband does not work for a long time and all the time lying on the sofa. She feels terribly guilty, “Because his masculinity – a reflection of my femininity" and tries to be a good wife even more. She has serious depression and feeling of lack of implementation, but reading the Vedas, she calms down a little. 

Inside me lives a wise old witch-herbalist. She lives in the woods in a small wooden hut, knows plots from physical and mental ailments, to life and to yourself is with humor and has a parable-a wise tale for any occasion. Previously worked as a nurse at the hospital, at the age of 103 was disappointed in the health care system and moved into the woods. A cool woman to hang out with her «for life» - the most it. 

 Inside of me lives a happy woman. She works as a psychologist, HRом, a yoga instructor, a bit of a journalist who just lives and enjoys the simple things. And it's nicely controlled with this team (: 

And who lives within you of specific characters, friends)?


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