Internal Amnesty


some people deep inside and even on the surface can live the killer. If you look at such people, outwardly they seem to be relatively good-natured and calm. Sometimes they are very convenient for companies, the vast reservoir of indignation deep. The suppression was formed in early childhood, because the child had to be comfortable: do not induce feelings of guilt in an adult, not to mention the mistakes of the past. A more pernicious influence on the whole formation of the individual is using the child to meet their needs. For example, it may be litigation in divorce, family scandals, incestuous sexual abuse. Everything that happens puts the child in the position of the victim. A traumatic situation flash before my eyes over and over again, each time convinced that the world is unfair, and the child helpless. Any disturbance or protest may invoke the destructive wrath of the adult from whom the child depends.

each victim has the reverse side of the face. And this is depicted within the image of the criminal. The suppressed impulses of protest and disagreement with what is happening can break the uncontrolled outbursts of rage and anger. Often these outbreaks occur suddenly and in a strange situation. For example, a man who as a child was constantly criticized by his father, drank too much, misbehaved and beat up the neighbor table for a thoughtless word. After some time he will be in disbelief made. One of my clients, whose father is in a state of alcoholic intoxication humiliated her and allowed a Frank behavior with her, I caught myself wanting to pour it in his food poison. Rationally she knew that it is punishable, and it chased the fear from Intrusive thoughts to kill his father. What happens to a man when he becomes a potential murderer? Perhaps there is a trigger, a starting point, which are connected to all of the events. There is an emotional outburst, anger, which is supported by a euphoric feeling of complete control over the victim, omnipotence over the situation. Sadistic adult leaves in the psyche of the child your interact filled with power, its an undeniable ideology of omnipotence. More painful and scarier than the traumatic situation, the harder it is to accept your role of the victim is to cry the pain, to rethink the suffering. In this place the role of the victim is replaced with the role of a torturer, because it's total control, this power to helplessness. In adverse situation, which is somewhat reminiscent of a traumatic situation from my childhood, there is uncontrolled use of the internal image of the offender, the reaction of retribution.

What to do if the acting out has occurred and caused harm, and even murder? It is first important to understand that there may have been another reaction, not contrary to social norms. Realizing this, it is possible to warn the recurrence of uncontrolled aggression. Secondly, it is important to take a potential killer (aggressor) and to determine the elements of the environment, which may start acting out. Attentive and respectful attitude to internal aggressor will help to keep under control his reaction. If you start to ignore or underestimate its value, then this is the way to uncontrolled aggression. In a frenzied fit of anger or rage people are capable of inflicting serious bodily injury, even intentionally kill. Sometimes it so happens that repentance does not come, because the victim is embedded the essence of traumatic events from childhood. Just the idea that someone from the environment deserves to die, needs to cause fear. Here it is worth considering who within you wants retribution? To look past the situation where I was a victim, helpless, suffered the injustice of the world. It is also important to remember not bringing the violation of its space to its maximum point. Better small constructive aggression, destructive than the burst of anger and rage with the use of physical force.

Yakovlev Les
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