Is it possible to stay friends after a breakup


Today I want to talk about how to really maintain a friendly relationship after a break up, it is clear that each case must be considered individually, but there are still fundamental things.

to Begin with, when the friendship is possible:

  1. There is what unites. Whether it is children or a shared business, the main thing that would be in keeping or maintaining this really was interested two. Then will be point of contact and the ability to negotiate clearly come to a new level.
  2. broke up mutually. When the relationship is stupidly outdated, but people still have a good attitude to each other, the main thing here is - the absence of complaints and grievances.
  3. One medium of communication. Significant and time-tested, but it is also important that people were to each other without special claims.
  4. Is the sincere desire of both, there are General areas of interest, brings together a lot of that shared experience, more importantly, as in the previous two paragraphs, the absence of serious differences.
  5. When two people happy in a new relationship, there are unifying things.

When the friendship is not exactly possible:

  1. Linked one sex. The passion is gone and nothing left, then there is simply no grounds for the establishment of friendly relations.
  2. Have not resolved the contradictions, resentment. Then in the process of communication/interaction, they will emerge and sooner or later it will still end with a scandal.
  3. someone has some sense. One of the partners will want to regain a loving relationship, and friendship will serve as just a cover, when not getting what you want can climb the negativity and complaints.
  4. In relationship was a lot of poop. Beatings, humiliation, drunkenness and other infirmities, on this soil and I doubt very much that it is possible to build something favorable.

And personally I'm all for something that would even break up for good, maximum respect and make every effort to implement this, but unfortunately this is not always possible.

good Luck to You)

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