Just 5 steps separates You from a financial secured life


it is said that the rich also cry:

  • Yes, they also cry;
  • not such bitter tears in his luxurious penthouse on the ocean, not in a rented one-room apartment in the rotten five-story building on the outskirts of town (where the cry of those who have problems with money never cease).

whatever may be said, the word "rich" still is often in one conceptual row with the word "happy."

So tips on how to improve their financial condition, how to become financially secure how to start to make more money, etc. — always find their attentive listener.

Books on proper money management You will find in large quantity anywhere near a bookstore, but not all of them equally useful:

  • the question of money the best advisers is a practice, not mossy of University professors, telling inexperienced students about the basics of economic theories.
  • Professor can teach You only one thing — how to be a Professor, and as for pennies a day with years to decades to tell the same material (have long lost all touch with reality).
  • therefore "financial independence" can boast only a few people out of a hundred (in best case)!

nowadays most of the world's population has what even could not dream of our ancestors (we live in a world of abundance and consumerism).

We are enjoying the benefits of modern high-tech civilization and, of course, I don't even want to think about any self-restrictions when dealing with your money.

Although the easiest and fastest way to the notorious "financial freedom" is strict adherence to pretty in a very straightforward rules of financial literacy.

  • Many people would be surprised what you are capable of competent management of your personal finances.
  • don't worry — the cumbersome phrase "personal Finance management" can be reduced to five tools:

1) GPS to your personal/family finances.

the Majority of complaints and failures associated with money, comes down to one, the most common is "money not enough, money no enough".

Yes, indeed, today all around have to pay...

However, you need to focus not on the growth of their income (what is mistakenly doing all the financial illiterate people), and elsewhere.

the First and most important thing to do in terms of money, is to set your own "financial GPS". This will help You to clearly understand exactly what You are seeking and what course you need to adhere to (not to stray from the true and the shortest way).

To do this, answer yourself the question — "What do I want from their personal finances? What is the financial life I want to live? Why do I need a certain amount"?

2) a Financial plan.

First. You've recorded your "money" goals (set up your "financial GPS").

Second. Under this goal, You select the appropriate financial instruments, assets, investments and ways of "establishing relations" with their money.

Third. You have a detailed route (step-by-step plan) to achieve their money goals (both from today's point "A" You will get to the coveted point "B").

3) the Iron fist.

It will be about self-discipline in carrying out any monetary transactions.

Come to the realization of composed financial plan as a sports or fitness training. In sport we need wins and results (alternatively, reward yourself for completed tasks (or subtasks) and punished for laziness and procrastination).

4) "patience and a little effort".

If the item "not to break" for You was difficult, then try to protect themselves from temptations.

around doing the shopping and restaurants, forget about the existence of shopping malls, mega-malls and Ali-Express.

5) the "Case of the week fun — day off".

Reaching the intended financial goals, You will work more and, consequently, you will get tired more than before.

As an option, free up his schedule a few hours for yourself and without remorse enjoy a rejuvenating rest.


Without feedback it is difficult to give financial advice.

looking Forward to Your detailed comments to the phrase, "What became of the money You earned? A refrigerator, a sofa, a vacuum cleaner," or...? And why?"


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Stuart McPhee
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