It happens, almost, every. Might've happened to you. Marketed one of the worst fears of the female in the relationship. Betrayal. You give your love and your heart to your loved one. But it does not justify your trust.

the People we love can betray us in many different ways.

Lies, betrayal, broken promises, divorce.. the Pain from this is unbearable, it tears us into a thousand small pieces. And have to collect again. Learning to live, to speak, to breathe, to love, to trust.. the Wound may be so deep that will constantly make itself felt. And even intolerable idea to go through this again.

But life takes its course. And I want to love and new relationships. How to make another time you didn't? How to prevent cheating?

How you can protect yourself and your heart?

First. You have already gone through the betrayal. Through the pain, You have already collected yourself from pieces and left behind the experience of a failed relationship. What lesson have you learned from past relationships. Any errors committed. They need to understand. Don't blame yourself. No. Who does not make mistakes. And the lesson here. And not to repeat these mistakes again.

Second. Do not trust him immediately. When we love, we are in a different reality and the whole world seems beautiful, we see it through rose-colored glasses. And to really understand what kind of a person who is with us is possible only after candy-floral period. Through rose-colored glasses of love we often see the perfect person. And there are no perfect people.

Therefore, any passionate feelings you have experienced, do not trust him immediately. Do it gradually. Wait till the fog clears love and you start to look at it more realistic. Then you will begin to notice not only its advantages but also disadvantages. Realize that some things you can trust him, and in some is not worth it. You can allow him to select for you a bouquet of flowers, but to give him their money so he invested in his business or take him for a mortgage-not worth it. The trust must be realistic and reasonable.

Third. Do not trust someone who is trying to manipulate you. If you constantly hear from him the words: "You don't love me, if you loved, you would do differently". Beware — it's manipulation! He tries to make you do something using your senses. Trying to put pressure on you. To use love as a means of manipulation is very convenient. But to love and to be a slave are two different things. Love can occur suddenly. And trust has to be earned, and not to beg. If a person respects and values you, he will understand your feelings, it will not make you do something you don't want to do. And his respect for you proves that he is trustworthy.

Fourth. And you have a choice — to step on meeting a new relationship. And it is likely that they will lead to brilliant future. Or to refuse a new relationship at all. And then you will be alone.

Fifth. There is always a risk. In any endeavor in any relationship there is some risk, and the likelihood that everything will not go as planned. And when you meet his new love, no matter how much you spun you dance a romantic relationship, remember that there is always a risk that something can go wrong..And Yes, opening the heart to new love, you may become vulnerable to him. So be careful and gentle to yourself. Trust your intuition. Take your time. Let your desires and dreams do not disturb you to see the reality. Accept the fact that love is a risk. But it's worth it.

Love and happiness to you!

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