We want instantaneous changes in life. Solving all of the complexities that swarm buzzing in my head and refuse to calm down. More and more annoying and depriving all the forces, without the ability to put the noise into standby mode at least for a moment.

And different people have text internal your Hummer, about the same sore. For example, a woman likes a man. Like to a great extent. Yes, it is love from which goose bumps and butterflies in my stomach, and sparkle in the eyes, able to warm the harsh man's heart. And she's waiting...waiting for his first step...She want to become his prey, desired to have achieved, aspired to it, overcame all the difficulties. By the way, do not mind their woman to create, it's suggested to just be friends, not refusing to date other men,holding a safe distance between it and's safer and easier, waiting, tormented...And so scared to take a step toward him...And he's still around, and not going away...So we live waiting for each other.

And you can be with a man. More than one day. And not one year. In a civil marriage. I want family, beautiful wedding dresses and beautiful photographs. And she's waiting for him that coveted ring that will give peace and confidence in their "We." To raise the topic of marriage the most embarrassing, inconvenient, because a decent girl should not be so. He could not see the point, and happy to be near her. Even without a stamp in the passport.

Not only a place for expectations. Can be worn to afford great idea, dream, how it is implemented in life, imagine how many people will share it, becoming the employees and customers. Here it is-the realization of his destiny! Yes, but still remains in my dreams, in the hope of more favourable circumstances, the appearance of sponsors and idea partners, in some of the signs Over on the right direction. In this state you can stay for a long time until the standby mode.

It is similar to the orange on the traffic light: the ban is already lifted, head lifted the ban, there was an understanding of what you want and where to go, ripe color standby orange on time to think better, more efficiently and than and after?..Green! Permission to move! The transition from ideas to actions. All the resources are already there, all the ideas, thoughts, desires, collected, has a clear picture, remains to be done in a single step the first step! br>
Yes, it may have to suffer the frustration a man may not want a relationship, a life's work may not be as successful. But we can change the reality, not to waste energy on empty expectations, directing it to search for new solutions to green burned brightly and always! br>
I Want to stop waiting and start moving forward? Hop in our Christmas locomotive with a course on happiness and success in the New year! Departing on 1 December with the team online training "Reboot"!

For those who are tired of waiting and doubt, and ready to take decisive step-the total cost 2500 rubles, and from November 1 to 3000 rubles! br>
You with us? Then, leave a request br>
to draw into my life happiness!

Babko Catherine
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