Everyone needs the support. Every day. To kissed goodbye, happily met, reciprocate your affections, I noticed the warm attitude, gave his, accepted, listened to, believed and understood.

a Rare person is able to speak directly, but even more rare he can understand himself. Always. Sometimes we rush, worry, and all this only because I can't really understand yourself. And then he understands you. And have 5 minute conversation gives feedback And said: you just want to.....

And then it all falls into place. Because himself was not able to understand. For example, you wanted to be sure you got the job. But himself was silent, he was afraid of this, afraid not cope. And here it is. Understanding. Describing the full sequence of desires and fears from this desire. And from it, another to hear it's not as terrible as to admit it. And here you are together. And you calm down. It is often said aloud to no longer bother. And that's fine. This is great. And are you happy with the outcome. Such a second. You.

And sometimes Vice versa. Second only to drowning. Devalues. Laughs at your fears. Or says: you this nonsense? And then you're even more immersed in his work, and the second suspended. And he does not understand why. For what? For not penetrate. For lack of attention. Important.

the Main thing to understand. And here it is important desire. And the desire to invest in another. Because to be close is work.

There is a magic phrase that bring: I know what you mean, I'm sorry, I'm with you, I will help, you can count on me, I'll take care of that, I suppose you was unpleasant, I would be just as hard.

And there are aktivasinya: you can do this, not Noah, will call when I calm down, spit, it could only happen to you. This is a phrase with a separating effect. They are not going to benefit reach. They all past. But they are not energy-intensive. Empty. Easy. Effortless to understand.

And then they fester. Detachment. Freedom from the other. Bright separateness.

the Choice is always and for everyone. It depends on what you want? And want at all?

lately I am surrounded by warm, understanding people. Which is not ashamed to shed a tear. Which can be everything and deeply. And then you are exempt.

And strengthen your state of mind becomes Wake up call: well, how'd you sleep? And then complain that you don't understand, and that life has failed. She failed when do not need words and emotions. She is. Drops one item, another one POPs up. Valuable and necessary. And let it be always. This is important. For me.

Kulbitsky Catherine
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