Life with a jealous man


Jealous partner sometimes unbearable: constant checking social networks and email, his gaze when the "mother/supervisor", constant distrust.

the question Arises: "Why is he so jealous?", "What's the problem?", "Who's that hiding?", "He doesn't respect me?!", "What to do???"

unfortunately, a universal recipe for dealing with jealousy is not. Because jealousy is associated with trust in a relationship, often in varying degrees, are involved both partners: jealous is probably not confident/afraid losing a partner, and second partner somewhere can trigger such jealousy his behavior ("hints at the third/third to avenge the dissatisfaction with the current relations").

there is another motive "jealous": when the man himself has secrets and suspicion to treat others trying to expose the "sins" of which he is capable", or in response to a suspicion of revenge "change" their partner.

What you can try to do:

1) in the first place, observe for yourself, give you cause for jealousy?

2) try to establish with your other half trust relationship, open spiritual conversations to help you))) feel free to share them with their innermost thoughts and feelings, the more you show your trust and self-disclosure, the great return get!

3) help you to feel your partner that he is "Your one and only"!

If these actions have no effect, it means "jealous", have their own personal reasons for this behaviour

If a person is aware of their problems "unwarranted" suspicion and jealousy, but at the very fails to cope with them, most likely will help work with a psychologist!

Victor Bazhanov therapist

Victoria Varfolomeeva, clinical psychologist

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Victor Bazhanov
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