Life with pain


the therapist often turn with some of his emotional pain that he helped to get rid of it.
make it easier to be able to "breathe" as being free from the burden of suffering.
this thing.
for anything else a therapist in General is not needed.
However the pain is different, and not from any pain possible in principle to break free.

Sometimes the pain that a person causes himself.
He may know about it, and may not know it, but the quality of the experience "hurt me" does not change.
the Pain is just there and everything, and it seems quite impossible to change anything.
When the pain fills you, it is true, but I would add "impossible to change anything alone."
the Therapist in relation to pain is on the outside, he can feel her empathic contact with the client, but it's still not his own pain, he does not suffer from it as well as the client. .
without suffering from pain as much, the therapist can notice its nature, its manifestations, its possible origins and relationships.
It is able to feel her interest, absolutely necessary for the study, in contrast to the customer, absorbed by the suffering from pain.
Using the therapist as a conductor of other experiences and relationships to the tormenting pain, the client is able to see differently, to feel her.
And notice, for example, that for some reason causes it yourself.
And if this was already known - that the reasons are not entirely the or not the ones it seemed.
and pain in General, perhaps of a different kind, not suitable for the word "pain"(!).
Then there is the desired "change unchanged" in fact experience pain.
Open up new horizons of perception and experiences in themselves.

But there is a different kind of pain, "the pain of external things": death, freedom, isolation, meaninglessness.

Your life is exactly terminated,
Nobody knows how you live
No one can never understand you
no One knows why you are.

the pain of the loss of various kinds, from the inescapable loneliness, chronic disease and injury, and much more can ultimately be reduced to these same realities of human existence.
it is actually very scary to touch, they are shrouded in the numerous protective mechanisms of mentality.
And yet profound, the painful experience of these seemingly well-known facts may unexpectedly turn out to be urgent and pressing.
And in this case also be useful for external support.
Just the nature of the goals will be slightly different.
Need someone who can be there for you and reflect the movements of your experiences in pain, taking all their individuality and complexity.
This does not mean that he will be able to go this way instead of you.
He can't, he's not you.
But perhaps walking alongside you, he will be able to draw your attention to the fact that you missed, didn't notice.
Or will be able to be with you in a particularly painful and terrible moments of your way.

If the pain is based on the existential reasons, most likely it is impossible to break free.
it is Possible to learn to feel, to see, to truly live in my life all that is apart it.
And, perhaps, what is due her.
In any case, I think, every heartache there is a sense of who wants to be seen, understood and accepted.
it Can be, in this sense any of pain.

Bakai Igor
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