the Internet has become a convenient field for swindlers of all class. The most lightweight of them become the prey of people who want to earn. After all, the scammers promise an incredible income. Of course, you can get them through the exclusive "back door" - the entrance for the elite, popular since Soviet times. How to identify a fraudster?

the Source that sent me a message through the social network, seemed harmless. And very real: the page was quite "live", including photos and updated events. And the question was asked: "What strategy of trading you use?". Beginners trying exchange the taste or studying this issue, actually love to talk about strategy. Apparently, my participation in some of the discussions did not go unnoticed.

I Said, though, ironically, by transferring only the used tools of technical analysis. As a carpenter, said that to build a house need an axe and moldavski about the technique of cutting logs "in the paw." However, my virtual friend has appeared in a couple of days with the statement "Tried it. All this nonsense, I got better!". Then I felt that carpenter, who said that the wood is nonsense by definition, and the straw — taxis. Because strategy is not a set of tools. The outcome of the work is influenced by time of day, day of week, economic news... and most of all – the nature of the trader. So to draw conclusions for a couple of days is just a fairy tale. However, in favor of the argument of my interlocutor was saying a few videos trading sessions. Where a slight movement of the mouse is doubled the initial deposits. The real hero of the Internet, Robin hood, ruining the brokers.

and then it was time to unmask. It is clear that the reliability of such rollers is the same as advertising a casino, where you can "raise the dough". The audience is to see only the excerpt of a session (three to five minutes). And how many losses before and after? Why is the entry "jumps"? These questions remain unanswered. But the guy bribed, not asking for money. On the contrary, offered assistance: to download a file and install the program"Advisor" to the computer to get his forecasts for currency fluctuations. Of course, free. Yes, stock robot, which is actually worth the money and not always effective, offered to the first comer just. In General, just let the "Advisor" access to an exchange account and you'll never want for anything. And most likely, the exchange will no longer appear — after the money will go in an unknown direction.

what is the strength of the scammers?

- Human greed. Guarantee incredible earnings in just a few minutes is able to bribe the newcomer. In the initial stages of financial market fraud act is easy: too much legend of the "magic button" that makes the rich passerby.

- Confidence, bordering on arrogance. This General-purpose tool. People just can't think that anyone will dare to deceive him or to instill nonsense. We'd rather question his knowledge than to question someone else's competence.

But characteristic of fraud is the telegraphic style of communication. This is understandable: he corresponded with several people and giving everyone a detailed answer is not enough. However, to engage a stranger in conversation is except for the experiment. But remember that to feel the full force of someone else's beliefs without special training are fraught with potential losses.

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