in the Summer I was visiting my best friend at the cottage: sunbathing, swimming; bath; guests, party; morning in the garden. Without waiting for a lunch the rain came and our children (her daughter, Sasha, and I went with my daughter Eva, 8 years apart 3 months) got bored, they wanted to entertain them. After a couple of games and tasks, they started to demand attention. Then I asked them to play "the Magic shop" where you could buy any human quality in exchange for not needed. My daughter chose courage, and Sasha chose the thinness since childhood was very full.

Despite the interesting buy and the incredible capacity of kids to the game, very soon I experienced a great surprise.

I asked the children to describe why they choose these qualities and how they will dispose of them.

My daughter mumbled didn't know what to be brave and what it looks like. Only two weeks later, I found out that she was with someone of my friends watched horror movies and one purchase courage was not enough to remedy the situation.

Sasha after a quick dip in brand new condition, wore a slim, with undisguised pleasure, we soon decided to go to the neighbor-Lena on a trip to see the piglets. As Sasha was now a beauty, she was given out of the closet boots on a small heel, in which it became higher and visually look even slimmer.

we had Not enough to naumestis near the cage with the piggies, as the rain intensified and we were forced to go in the house.

the Girl, recently received a slim figure, just saw the free access to candy and of course reached for them. I asked her, Alexandra, what about now with her new slim figure? She clung to the candy and already deft movement wanted to spin the ends of the wrapper. Most likely, many will think that the child will not abandon a real treat for virtual purchasing.

You do not know women's nature, laid in the deep childhood. Sasha threw a piece of candy, upon hearing about the dream about her dolgozhdannoe, and it doesn't need sweet after approval of his choice aunt Lena, even when she was offered pancakes with jam.

On the way back I told her that she did the strong thing to do, abandoning the sweet in favor of the figure and derived from this pattern of success. To the artistic sensibility was pleased to hear about itself that it strong the bold.

Before going to sleep Alexander asked if it would be, if anything, to regain the leanness back into the shop. I told her that it is likely possible, but not today, because working day is over.

one day, the model behavior does not change and miracles do not happen, the following day closer to lunchtime, when we were about to disperse to their homes, the girl began to insist on consumer rights and demanded the return of a past life....

Juraskova Alla
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