do you Have problems in relationships with men? You don't understand them? Or you have no relationship with them, but want to?

Then you need to meet with your Inner man. Inner man" is that part of your personality that is responsible for your external relations. It's a job, achieving success, construction and creativity. And yet your inner man is in your life men who are very like him

You can just meet and see how he is.

And can go further and ask his assistance. What? Show your meeting with him.

the Meditative practice of "Encounter with the inner man."

1. Training.

get a Room. Include easy, relaxing music. Or stay in silence.

Sit comfortably. Cover your eyes. Put your feet on the width of the pelvis. Let your knees and hips are not touching.

now bring your attention inside your body. Imagine that you turned into a small sensor camera that explores the internal spaces of your body. Be in the body, be the body.

Focus on one part of the body such as right foot. Be aware of your physical sensations. For example. this can be tingling, warmth, numbness, heat, cold, needles, etc.

Move your attention to your left foot. Note your physical sensations.

Walk this way from the feet up to the shins, thighs, pelvis, stomach, back, chest, shoulders, arms, neck, head.

In the process of performing this part of the exercise you will feel how the tension leaves your body and you calm down and relax. A good summary of the training!

2. Meeting.

Imagine you are in a pleasant and safe place for you. This may be the edge of a forest, meadow, river, garden, etc.

Tell yourself (preferably to speak the words aloud or in a whisper) now I have to see my Inner man.

Look into the distance. You see a male figure that moves towards you. Here she is coming closer and you can already see it. What is it, what to wear, what his hair, eyes, the look on his face.

Mark, at what distance he stopped. Take a good look at his face and tell him: "Hello! I'm so glad to see you!"

Listen to your gut feeling. Perhaps at this point you will feel a slight joy, excitement or anxiety. Just check it.

Hear his answer. That he will respond to your greeting? Be kind to him and friendly.

get Accustomed to it. Do you see his features. He turned to face you.? If the contact is very weak (your VM turned or face blurred) ask him "Why I can't see you?" Listen and note the response.

Ask him about the fact that most of you are concerned and worried. For example, it might be: "Why am I alone?" or "Why am I in men looking for just sex?" or "Why do I come across men that cold to me?" Hear the answer and remember it.

say thank you for the reply. And even if you did not hear, still give thanks. Perhaps you so "got" his VM that he does not dare to tell you important and essential for fear of your wrath.

Ask him to be your friend. Let it in your safe space will do what you expect from men. Let them Pat you hair, hold your hands in his, will wipe you tears. Be the younger sister of your Men.

Tell him that you really want to obtain from your husband or future partner. Ask what you need to change to attract into your life exactly this man is caring and understanding. b

Thank him and ask him not to leave, to stay with you.

Let it remain inside your space.

the Result of this wonderful )and very powerful) practice. You will feel like in a cocoon. As if you lined invisible but feel protection. This protection is initiated by your Inner Man. Congratulations!

If you find it difficult to do such practices independently, I invite you to joint with-be creative!)

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