Today I want to offer you employment, which you may spend on your own home. This activity will allow you to get acquainted with your illness, talk to her in person, learn about a lot of interesting and useful for yourself.

so first read the text of the lesson below, then, turn on soothing music, sit or lie down in comfortable, close eyes and start to imagine everything that I read.

"You go ahead, on the road leading to the Kingdom of inner peace. Enter the Kingdom and walk down the road further. Your Kingdom of the inner world is the most safe and peaceful place for your stay, here are your rules and your laws.

You are in front in the direction of his Palace. In each realm there is a Palace, your – before you. Safely into him. You will meet your Sage. br>
He came to the meeting with you in order to acquaint you with your Disease. Now he will escort you to the part of your Palace, which is a Disease. Go to her house, consider the place that it occupies. br>
What it is: big or small, bright or dark, clean or dirty, etc. etc. Meet with their Illness. Consider it carefully, what it is, what it's like. br>
Greet her and start to question her. Ask her about her name, what her age is, on what occasion she came to visit you and live in your Palace. Then, ask her about what your actions, feelings, emotions, thoughts make it stronger, some make it weaker or even shut out from your Palace. br>
Curious about what the purpose of the disease lived in your Palace what she wants to achieve, forcing you to suffer, or what we want to teach, what is the main mission of its existence and stay in your Palace. You can ask any questions that come to mind at this moment.

Then, ask your Wise men what the power of your disease, and what is its weakness. Ask him what you should do in order to cope with the Disease, to be healed. Ask him what changes you need to make in your life in order to heal that you should do first, then how to continue. br>
Ask your Sage to tell you who is your ally in the fight against the disease, and who is an ally of the Disease, to help someone or something you should use and why in the course of your healing.

When you realize that your conversation is over, say goodbye, take a deep breath, exhale, stretch to the top and open the eye."

Now the second stage. Take a sheet of paper and make a drawing on the theme "Meeting Sickness". Then, on the second piece of paper write down all the things that you learned during this lesson and all those thoughts that arise after its termination, during execution of the picture and your thoughts. br>
New discovery!

the Psychologist Gutiar Svetlana

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