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what do you think about miracles?

the Wonders we call, in our opinion, impossible that suddenly happens. A small child, when still comes into the world, do not carry anything to the category of miracles. Although almost knows nothing about the world around him in which he just appeared. For him all natural - caring parents, out of nowhere, taking food, bumps and bruises, a lot of things and objects with a mysterious purpose, even the air... For a kid, nothing is impossible - he knows no limits.

It is then the parents teach him that the gifts - it's a Miracle for a birthday, at Christmas or New year. That nothing just happens. And peers and other adults - that life is complex, difficult and unsafe. And if suddenly it is not so this is a Miracle!

And one who still believes in miracles - not of himself undertake, and from other specially trained special who lived in ancient times, people he can go to the nearest temple and they pray. Maybe that'll help...

the Wonders - that's what knocking from abroad "possible". Limit the people themselves as they grow older and the appearance of experience and knowledge. Stumble on the limits of their capabilities. Encounter the sphere of interest of other people and superpowers. Upon the "fundamental limitations", due to the laws of Nature.

However, with even more in-depth study of the fundamental principles of the structure of the world clearly show something completely different. Quantum transitions in the forbidden state, tunneling through barriers, the existence of particles everywhere in the Universe simultaneously, "knowledge" about the state of other objects at any distance. And then we may start to find our "normal" human psyche similar properties. And it is exactly the same surprise happened when we were children find under the Christmas tree gifts from Santa Claus.

From the point of view of ordinary human experience, the laws of quantum mechanics and quantum psychology how else to explain the miracles is not yet possible... And you have to declare the miracles themselves - attention - the fundamental laws of Nature!

Rate - what is grace such a turn of point of view!))

this is wisdom.

Our world is a lot wiser than we are. Showing miracles, the reality shows people the extent of their samoogranichitsja experience. Wisdom and knowledge - they are completely different in nature.

whether you are wonders on every step? Ready to open? To believe?!

In fact, it is possible to live without problems. That there are sorcerers, wizards, quantum physics, high strength and good psychologists to work at the level of miracles is the most common. In that peace he will give you what you need. That there are techniques that solve any questions on the snap of the fingers.

can You believe it?

Your attitude to miracles that determines the quality of your life.

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Azarov Igor
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