Notes an introspective hedgehog


Today I found in my Desk a humorous note, many years ago. Decided to share with you, dear readers.

Harmful psychological tips:

  • Nothing accidental in life.
  • If thoughts come, sit and chat, drink tea and go to bed.
  • Happiness comes and goes, but patience always remains.
  • be Patient always be patient everywhere, and will be patience with us.
  • When you're afraid, close your eyes tight and think about nothing or go without explanation.
  • Talk with other scary, so just shut up and smile.
  • Its head is good, but someone else's is better.
  • Listen to others and not my heart, they are smarter and more experienced.
  • When you feel good, you didn't tell anyone and secretly smile.
  • Do stuff, and life will pass by.
  • Love to do small mechanical action, they develop fine motor skills and distract you from finding the meaning of life.
  • live your life, be a good (s) for all.
  • Fear having authority and, if lucky, they will be merciful to you.
  • be proactive and keep your head down, God forbid, will notice, and even condemn.
  • do Not communicate with friends, suffer alone ever wait for their attention.
  • Life is hard work, joy is a side effect.
  • Pay for the happiness to come, then you are guaranteed a bright future (or not?).
  • If impossible, but very desirable, is still impossible.
  • If an Apple falls on your head, then there is nothing to search for.
  • Wait for happiness, and if not, then you don't deserve it (a).
  • don't engage in disputes and conflicts, and shut up and be patient, you're good (s).
  • When you get hurt, then start to get upset, bring people joy.
  • When you criticize, then start to abuse themselves in unison. Maybe a critic, and you'll regret it, but no - even weep his heart's content.
  • Never think about other people's emotions, just think about how you hurt, and your life will be like in the movies, even in the Thriller. Very interesting, especially to look at it from the side.
  • If you put in the box, then build comfort, establish order and cleanliness.
  • If you're going to work as the bee, to live by the rules of the hive and bring the honey in the honeycomb, you will be and think like a bee, not a hedgehog, and become a bee, but with thorns.

Follow these tips and you will always have something to worry, and remember not to turn to psychologists. Why? We need an interesting life, not happy!

Dear readers, I invite you to continue the list of harmful psychological recommendations.

Sokurenko Anna
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