Only 1 point separates the loser from the winner


 1 point to start changing himself. 

“While the thunder will not clap, the peasant will not cross” - it's about each of us. Will the years to gloss over or ignore serious problems, shortcomings, mistakes, and even oddities until we have someone or something save how to kiss Prince - the Sleeping Beauty. But until that happens, come analgin, the support of friends and self-consolation that all of this - a lot of problems and the eternal time trouble. Learn?

one guy from Krasnodar province was the cat. To stand up to turn off the light after kamerovsky sessions, the guy drove a red dot laser on the old, nearly fallen off the switch, and the cat jumping up on 3-4 time the lights went out. But once the pet hit the switch a little harder, the crunch fell out of his box, and the cat touched the foot of the bare wire. Embossed tube, and the frightened neighbors were not the most terrible consequence of student laziness. Did not the poor pet that has become hostage to the unwillingness to get off the couch...

 the Problems and the reasons for the work each of us much more than it seems. Take, for example, a parent script: how much negative we bring from home and how often it interferes! The inability to plan their time, forgetting about health, suppression of needs, life with lots of facilities - you name it! And how long are we going to live with this pile of junk? Can it happen, that we are again "Wake" of some kind of accident that we get the fault unresolved issues?

it's Time to take up the revision and correction of his eccentricities and weaknesses, and it must be done today! Start "Monday" it's late, let's think about this now! 

If You actually bothered to watch how others succeed in various areas, and You really want to, but can not achieve the desired goals to change yourself, then the following is written as if especially for You 

Remember how many times you have undertaken useful initiatives (reading, activities, diet, etc.) and how many times have you quit? 

This is the problem of motivation. Its coefficient too is inferior to the factor of laziness and other qualities, the overwhelming determination to take for themselves. The motivation you need to "liberate" and develop!

to "liberate" the motivation you need to start to overcome laziness towards work. This is a composite property, it includes a whole complex of negative phenomena (reading, try to remember when and where You demonstrated a particular quality):

 - idleness, 
- idleness, 
- doing nothing,  
- passive, 
- omission 
- inertia, 
- the inertia, 
- omission 
- negligence.

 each of these qualities

 1) the reasons that it is necessary to clarify.

2) the output, i.e. the means to overcome the drawback.

 In my consultations with clients I primarily aim to find the cause of the problem, in this case - to understand what prevents good, modern, motivated people to take for themselves. Think for a moment: what suppresses motivation, for example, have You? After diagnose the problem we have at the first meeting we find the first solution - and that solution is for a specific person. Select methods, tools, and a variety of ways to solve the problems that are found in the diagnosis result.

 does Not gloss over the issues and don't let laziness to suppress Your motivation! Be stronger than some of the sides of Your character and go to your desired goal! Overcome symptoms of laziness and strengthen the motivation to the result, because the desired future is near!

 Your Anton

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