Opportunities and obstacles


When I get a new client, I always begin with, in order to clearly formulate the goal of our work together. And notice the interesting thing: someone to come to find opportunities for... and someone to resolve the obstacles.... In this theme recall the works of E. Fromm and his "freedom from" and "freedom for". Rhetorical question: who do you think gets faster and more often to target?

between there are different. For example, often found this:

This option is often about a request to find a way to live so that not to feel some emotion, or to adapt to any situation. It is about the fact that faith in the result of their own opportunities or too little. In the process of dialogue often happens is an amazing transformation. Together we are looking for committed and support each other along the way. And with this faith, each time becoming longer.

it can Also happen like this:

This option is often about stability and security, about the concern of a variety of options, impacts and the habit to strain to survive in extreme mode, about the lack of experience just living, just being, being here, now, in peace. And we are gradually learning to relax, be grounded, slow down, be present.

Another option:

This option is about comparing yourself with others, about the depreciation of their own desires, oughts and standards. And we gradually learn to separate from their foreign, imposed from the true, to believe in themselves and to pursue their own desires.

And here it happens:

This option is the dominance of the negative assessment of the world, sarcastically-the second humility, acquiescence. And together we are looking for something that actually is important, necessary, loved, and eventually change the perspective on the possibilities of achieving and maintaining it, learning to appreciate and take.

And so:

And a lot of different options. Well, you understand... everyone no doubt has their reasons and conditions that contribute and influence the choice to see it so and not otherwise. And life, meanwhile, is not static - it is developing and every day...throws some obstacles, some opportunities.

to See opportunity instead of obstacles, is truly aerobatics art to live happily. For this you need a lot of courage and enthusiasm, faith in yourself and the world, openness to the flow of events and the ability to take their toll. But it is certainly something we can choose to learn and do in their individual lives sometimes, occasionally, every day or just now, to feel good.

If your ability to see difficult or it requires support in the implementation, I'm ready to be a companion and go through this part of the journey with you. For this I have a different standard and original forms of work. I will be glad to meet you!

Louise Bozhenko
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