As a psychologist, I'm always against feelings and emotions infringe upon the, suppressed or not some didn't pay attention. However, I always, that every person understand what feelings lead. What a sense more constructive and is good for our growth and development, which the feeling when the existence of destructive for the person and can negate all our efforts.

Believe that it is important to experience the full range of feelings, but being aware of this spectrum. Aware of that what emotion can stand. This, of course, is extremely difficult and requires training. But isn't that need psychological education, articles, psychologists and coaches?)

Today we will talk about another feeling that is inherent in every man.

Her Majesty Pity.

I'm looking for pity, as in one of the most destructive human feelings.

Pity all-consuming and totally irrational. prolonged its effect it's great poutney mind, and people really cease to think properly.

I watched on my experience, a lot of people who literally lost his adequate self-esteem and a positive thinking due to the fact that he was immersed in self-pity for a long time.

the Word pathetic are perceived negatively by the majority not just. Pathetic, because I always feel sorry for others. Pathetic, because can not by itself with nothing to do. Miserable because powerless.

Here it is the most dangerous thing. When we are immersed in self-pity - we lose our power. We cease to function. And the result – no result. Pardon the tautology. More precisely, it is. Just a very dire, for the most part.

So I ruthless people – it's not a violent man, a man who feels no pity either to themselves or to other. Thus,, keeping a clear mind and expecting the same mind of the others.

by the Way, ruthless, other people often call those who feel self-pity. Projection isn't it?

I'm not opposed to pity yourself 1-2 minutes in day. It's just the same useful. But why exactly you're a tourist, why destroy his life? After all, there are plenty of other ways to draw attention to the fact that now somehow not very good. Sorrow, sadness, lighter and less destructive emotions. Respect yourself, care about yourself – obviously nicer pity...
Why feel sorry for myself constantly, what do you think, dear readers? what's the benefit? Waiting for your response .
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Maria Zalesskaya
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