Return from mental disorder in a stable state

Who does not know that feeling? Nasty, viscous, it's confusing, not defined, solid mess. In a relationship or not? Do you have a man or you still free?
In the Russian language this condition is often called torn. And indeed, hear it and semantically already see my "mess", which you can not decide and find something that you need.

Start with putting me down. A lot of emotion, sometimes the most controversial. But at the same time, there is no power to manage them? Forward to therapy, want to advise, however, not always appeal to a specialist is possible, and therefore create some kind of conditional formula, and the model returns a stable mental state.

so, everything went wrong. Trusted someone and it turned out nothing. Disappointment was inevitable. And need something to do.

the First question itself - do I like my current state?

I Doubt that someone will answer in the affirmative, however, we will try to cover some of the nuances of domestic unrest. They are not random, they do it for something You needed. We often fall into krivozerkale seeing distortion in your partner, but seeing weak weak points yourself. Therefore, this condition is, and that's a fact. But it is important to find the strength to get out of this depression. Pitfalls of this state, speaking of "probation" that You like all the same such condition, may be increased attention and care for loved ones about You when You pity, have sympathy, You feel helpless and get from this to a certain extent a satisfaction.

So the next question (it will seem, perhaps, not quite reasonable, but to answer it it is necessary) why I want to get out of this irritation?

the Answer is better writing, confidently writing down all the points that comes to mind. Most importantly, that dominant thought will be reduced to awareness of the need for the end of "dancing on rake" and "Boogie on the bones." And the second option is more painful when Your boundaries are violated and roughly used.

What prevented me from stopping this relationship?

you Can create a list of what You will find in yourself. It may be gullibility, and naivete, and physical attraction to man, and resentment at a former partner and much more. It is worth noting that many of the items on this list can talk about Your immature position in relationships with the opposite sex, and therefore about the need to develop them more productively better with the psychologist.

How can I get rid of the old destructive attitudes that prevent me? (for "advanced users").

Write a plan or indicate how You will reach your goal. It is important to build the stages of the work. What are You willing to make in your life, what You want to become how You will build your life not to repeat mistakes and not to enter into error.

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Hope Arkhangelsk
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