Scrapbook of the expectant mother




knock, knock...



boy, you're here already? If so, then I'm very very happy... love you Already!


11.07.2006 G.

Tears, surprise, joy – all mixed up... Two stripes, you see it???

And let's leave it, let it be like the first picture...

- Fun.



the First month flew by, or rather very noticeable and quickly, there are so many unfamiliar and familiar people (don't want anyone to know, well, nothing knows just 15 people very little J). Know a couple of people, I become someone else, and everyone says I seem different, more warm or something.


16.08.2006 g.

That's the first fears. The dream that started bleeding again a dream. No! Not a dream... Tears, fear, misunderstanding... misunderstanding...

It's all nonsense, if I'm so nervous (hands shaking, voice trembling, tears in the eyes, panic), there certainly will not need to be sure that everything is perfect. You have to be confident!!! It's so hard... you have To grow a new life, you are responsible for it. The answer!


18.08.2006 g

I Hate hospitals, just as a horror. The noise, especially at night, it brings me to despair.

- Drink Valerian, that's useful.


I want to go home.



knock, knock...

something Inside me knocking.

knock, knock...

It is strange, incomprehensible, amazing.

knock, knock...

It is not so pleasant.

knock, knock...

It's so funny.

knock, knock...




- don't touch me, I don't like, I'm tired from all the touching.



Regular visits to the doctor. That's right, we're not in the middle ages. And before women give birth in the fields, gathering the autumn harvest and was afraid of nothing. Not afraid of anything!

And I, goddamn it, I'm afraid to gain the extra half a kilo. Why? Because then you won't lose. No!!! I just come to the doctor's office going on the scale and... what?



In General, somehow all is silly. Like I'm not in the greatest period of miracles. And as if I was doing a responsible job, where a step to the right, step to the left the shooting. Funny. All the fears in my head. Will soon become so, that I come to the doctor and say, "Well, put me in the hospital if you want." (damn!!! Just like in the joke)


31.10.2006 g

- You came in an hour late, and I'm all alone!..

What happened?

Life has no meaning, back and forth, back and forth, go from corner to corner with glazed eyes waiting for something. And what actually wait, no fun. Complete darkness. Everything is so useless... Absolutely...


2.11.2006 g

I want you!


17.11.2006 g

Really need so much attention???

Quite a bit, a tiny bit... just a bit...

I'm a little kitty who wants to hide in the branches of a tree, climb it and find a safe shelter.

"You're a big gorilla that was hanging on a little birch, and tend her close to the ground, in General, may soon break... And I want to be an oak, that you were comfortable for me to climb, but while I'm a little birch..."


as of 10.12.2006.

a Relaxed, wonderful time, I'm so happy, I love being pregnant. But sometimes you go around the city, and suddenly think, "Weird, I'm pregnant, it's all happening to me, and I don't believe it..."



Maternity leave.

No idea what I'll have as much time at home to do one.



Make a task list.

Make a diary in which you plan these things.

Intensively preparing to leave, I read a lot of literature, surf the Internet.


20.01.2007 g.

Very much afraid of rudeness in relation to itself during childbirth. So want to have a number of close people, so I want to be next to Igor, but he is afraid, and I do not insist. Nevertheless, thinking about the bad medical staff I was very worried.

I Hope I can handle it.



the Night... something is happening, something with my stomach, can't sleep, can't, and suddenly it is childbirth??? PREMATURE!!! Wake up Igor, we're going to the hospital.



Last month, runs between the hospital and home. I write, and I again at night invariably returned to the hospital. I find this much useful, I am looking for laboring women and are filled with confidence that everything is natural and right and there is a high miracle!



except for the quarantine and the fact that today is international women's day, it's all right. But all is well, go to town, buy gifts, go to the restaurant (it's great!), and then I was back in the hospital, but quite other feelings )))


15.03.2007 g.

Every night a stomach ache, but it's not a fight, damn it!

- You're just very sensitive, other women don't feel anything, and You feel like Your body is preparing to leave.

How am I tired of it all, the feeling that I play some numbers and it seems that win, but it does.


16.03.2007 g

it Seems that something started, but I'm not sure, so I'm trying to sleep.

No sleep for me and it was a success, at least at night. Gets worse, and I breathe harder. And here is something hurts, do it again the harbingers. Reassured me, said that I was going to give birth today.

And after priyatnenko dropper I fell into the arms of Morpheus. So I would sleep, only someone breathing so loud, and so is stopping.

I'm a top, so spinning with a huge belly can only be a woman during labor.

Well all went to give birth. One, two, three – push, everything!!!

- it's a boy!!!

- My darling, I love you so much, my little one, my dear!!!


16.03.2007 g

Well, finally, we're together, I dream about you my dear baby, you are so sweet, so funny.

will Begin a new days, but that's another story.

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