Brilliant writers, Directors, screenwriters, mysteriously building a psychologically true way of life of his characters.

once again watching a favorite movie E. Ryazanov “Station for two” thought, even if the main character did not come out on this station and not behind on the train, in any case he would meet a woman, because alone, he's scared and needs support. He Victim has a Stalker and there should be a Lifeguard.

the example of this film want to show the life script of the protagonist and to suggest what could be the continuation of this story.

Probably everyone knows the content of the film. But few recall. The main character – Plato, took the blame wife for fatal outcome for themselves. Before the trial, knowing that threatens imprisonment, he goes to see my dad (maybe for the last time). At the intermediate station he gets off the train to have lunch in the station restaurant, but engaged in the conflict, late for the train, while waiting for the next train, it is not clear who gives the passport, then he steals the wallet with all the money. Amid all these troubles he falls in love with a waitress Faith and they begin an affair. This novel does not end with the parting at the station, Vera comes to visit Plato in the colony. The last shots of the film showed such promise – two people sitting on the road, propping up the back of each other against the severe dawn. I so want to believe in the happiness of these two imagination draws an extension of their feelings, their joint happy life.

But the identity of the psychologist says – there cannot be happiness in these people. And here's why.

Plato – a well-educated man, generous, with great sense of duty, lives in the scenario "Without love” and “mad”. Not pleased with no job, no relationship with his wife or daughter. In his family there is no love, support, intimacy. Family values – communications and money, and although our hero is unhappy with this, he dutifully performs its function of making money. Itself is making money – it's not bad, but life can't only consist of this. The hero habitually runs in a circle, proving that it's not important, needs to please others and not to think.

throughout the film, all his troubles that he does not think about the consequences of their actions. I just assumed that broke love  rather the projection on the Faith of an image responsive, kind, supportive women.

the Main character in the terminology of transactional analysis – a frog or a loser. He lives a joyless life (and changes nothing), happen to him trouble (not thinking about the consequences, passive and waiting for help from others), takes on a crime you didn't commit (this may be the consequence of suicidal decision). And even with the spell he couldn't get back in time to the colony. Plato does everything to confirm your destructive scenario.

After all these arguments, I have drawn a bleak picture of the future. Plato condemned for a few more years for the escape. Wife divorced him, the daughter forgot. Faith came to him in the colony two more times, but, feeling guilty, soon stopped going, and then to write. Plato was released broken sick person. In Moscow were not returned…

Realize your own scenario is difficult, but realizing - you can change. Do not expect a dramatic denouement! Me!

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