I often hear the idea and appeal to girls who aren't found are still my soul mate or long time ones that have become such a busy wonderful, interesting and interested, working and relaxing, and everything will eventually fall into place. "The space will attract". I believe that a normal life without gluing tinsel and development schemes will do. But in its cracks do need to learn to read.

I Have a feeling from the attacks of this kind are not very pleasant. You're so clever will be the ass you pump, make a career, and free time dancing get and learn Italian while there, and all is well with you. All so interesting and fluttering free cheerful woman came to the love market. With an inflated opinion of himself, because she is even cooler! Come on and get me. The call to "engage them" is beautiful, but is misrepresented. "As soon as myself will be needed, and the man will be like." Yes not the fact. The man, meanwhile, may be to a psychologist-the enthusiast went on and went into the building of his pride.

that is, I can not be sad? Or just the pad, while no one sees? Like a beautiful legend, it is a worthy image, only a feeling illusion what is happening is not leaving. It's super, which is over the work goes on. This of itself, while man there you need to look because he doesn't see the real problem and understands that relationships are built by living people, not fairies.

And the problem is that the hurt and grief work in children's injury is not complete that much is not understood and not lived. What is the fear of facing reality and not the ideal partner, so contact is easier to avoid. And what is easier to avoid than more preserved and maintained the myth of a private good. But all that is hidden and repressed goes out there, and can not be noticed by others. The smile of a sick person does not make it healthy in our eyes. You can and should find himself on the floor crying, nothing! And not bitter its sudbinushke alone, but by what really is a problem and calls to maintain the position of the misfits before joining the real contact with the present is not the ideal person.

Nadezhda Belyakova
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